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TWIN FLAMES CULT, Teal Swan & Life Coach Grifters -Tristan Haggard & Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer and Tristan (Twin Flames?) explore the millennial new-ager normie cult phenomenon of “Twin Flame” relationship gurus and the nihilistic pop-culture of narcissism, self-love, isolation, and desperate search for meaning and truth that breeds these strange post-Christian cults. A fun comedic deep dive on the world of Twin Flames, including analysis of the Netflix […]


Tonight we will catch up with our friends Klaus and company in Davos since their yearly party just ended, to see what the plans are coming down the pike for us plebs. We will see how eating meat is bad, how any narrative counter the establishment is misinformation, climate change is real, it’s time to […]

Taylor Swift, Katt Williams, Britney Spears: Pop Star Secret Agents & Assets -Jay Dyer

From Ye to Taylor Swift, the notion of pop star controlled operatives has long been theorized and explicated but nowadays the thesis seems obvious. What now seems obvious was mocked only a few years ago, and with the recent mega viral Katt Williams interview, we see even more confirmation of the usage of the stars […]

The Big EVENT Coming Next Year! The Elite Plans & UFOS on Tucker: Aliens Are Fake n Gray! Jay Dyer

Time to check in on our favorite WEF elites and their cohorts to see what signals they’re sending and what their big plans might be for next year. We will reflect on 2023 and see what was accomplished and what failed and what might be coming! Come tell me your theories as well. Remember to […]

The Stepford Wives | Femcel Feminists vs. Tradwife Fembots Struggle Session 

Tristan Haggard and I analyze the 1974 film The Stepford Wives, based on the novel by Ira Levin (writer of Rosemary’s Baby), and the hilariously bad 2004 remake with Nicole Kidman. A fun, comedic deep dive review and analysis of he sci-fi tinged, satirical feminist suspense thriller about fembots, male-female dynamics, women’s liberation, and the […]

LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND Analysis | JayDyer & Tristan | Predictive Programming 

Tristan Haggard and I go deep into the symbolism and message of the terrible apocalyptic thriller, Leave the World Behind- a 2023 Netflix film starring Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke, produced by Barack and Michelle Obama. A fun deep dive analysis of the occult symbolism and real meaning of this movie about a foreign hacker […]

AI Girlfriends & Sex Bots! Revisiting Ex Machina’s Predictions – Jay Dyer & Tristan Haggard

Tristana joins me to revisit the classic dystopian horror from Alex Garland, Ex Machina since we are coming up on almost 10 years since its release, as well as other films like Spike Jonze’s Her. Live at 7PM CST Sign up for Richard Grove’s newest course on becoming self sufficient as a sovereign entrepreneur here. […]

The COLLAPSE OF AMERICA! The Top Apocalyptic End of America FILMS / Shows Analyzed – Jay Dyer

The propaganda of a coming, imminent collapse is heating up with new Obama-connected Netflix movies like Leave the World Behind (which I will cover tomorrow night with Tristan) and the coming Alex Garland movie about an American collapse and internal war. There have been a host of USA-collapse related films and shows, however, and today […]

TIK TOK CRINGE: Witches, Preachers, Atheists, Starseeds, Gurus & DINKS -Jay Dyer

Saturday is fun day – where we entertain ourselves by refuting and demolishing the LOWEST HANGING FRUIT – the trends on Tik TOK! What could be more fun? Nothing. We will check in on withchtok, the atheists, our new age gurus and started friends, the latest spells and incantations and our new friends, the DINKS. […]