Top 10 CRAZY Cult Films You’ve Never Seen! Jay & Jamie

We’ve all seen the classic, popular films about cults like Eyes Wide Shut or Rosemary’s Baby, but there are several lesser known, forgotten or obscure films about cults that are worth perusing. We found 10 specimens that we have ranked from 10 to 1 with a breakdown and analysis of each. LIVE THURSDAY 8PM CST […]
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Episode 435 - The 6th Annual Fake News Awards

And now, from an undisclosed location deep beneath the Earth's surface, it's the 6th Annual Fake News Awards! Shining the spotlight of ridicule on the dumbest disinformation, the silliest smears and the most ludicrous lies of the mainstream media dinosaurs of the past year! Which presstitutes will walk away with a dino of shame? What mendacious government mouthpiece will commit seppuku after being exposed as a deceiving sack of excrement ? And who will walk away with the greatest dishonour of them all: the Fake News Story of the Year?

An Evening With Jay Dyer, BG Kumbi & Jamie Hanshaw – Feb. 11!

The KGB sorcerer is at it again with a new live event in AUSTIN featuring an hour of absurdity and nonsense cringe, with BG Kumbui, followed by an hour of total seriousness concerning the new book, and then open Q n A as well as a lecture from Jamie! We will cover geopolitics, philosophy, theology, […]
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There’s Power in the Blood! Bloodline Cult Films: Hereditary, Society, Pale Blue Eye & More

Tonight we continue our cult movie theme with films relating to bloodline and generational cults. The transmission of the power comes through the blood, where blood is also significant in the biblical sense as Leviticus says the Life is in the blood. Ultimately that is fulfilled in the Eucharist but even occult and pagan films […]

Scream for Me, Jamie! Jamie Kennedy Chats Movies, Mind Control and More! – Jay Dyer

Paul Gia-Hotty himself joins me! It’s surreal to chat with people you grew up busting badass pranks and comedy skits, also the one and only Randy Meeks in the Scream franchise….who in a meta meta fashion comments on movie patterns and tropes….and then chats with the guy who chats about movies tropes and symbols in […]

Year-End Thrashing of Congress on Chicago Radio MP3

I was on Chicago’s Morning Answer radio show this morn to thrash Congress and that durn Omnibus bill.  Guest host Ray Stevens and I had fun target-shooting at the various boondoggles in that bill.  “Contempt of Congress” is a civic duty, not a crime. Show was spurred by New York Post piece, Taxpayers feel the […]
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100k Subs Chill & Chat Party Stream: Movies, JFK, News, Recap of last 10 Years! -Jay Dyer

We made it! 100k and rolling! This evening we will chill and chat and play some classic clips, recap the last 10 years and cover recent vindications and declassifications about JFK! This is not the 100k RIFF on ROTOR stream and we will be having OTHER 100k party streams with Qai and other old school […]

Pewdiepie Wars, Massive Trolls & Wasted Life – Philosopher of Comedy BG Kumbi / Jay Dyer (Half)

Philosopher of comedy BG Kumbi joins me for a coming out party! BG is infamous for his YouTube wars with Pewdiepie as well as infamous Fox News level trolling that propelled him to internet diva status like myself. BG is a comedy genius and I was lucky enough to score an interview concerning his greatest […]