Climate Change

More “sudden heart attacks” …with a “climate change” twist

Kit Knightly Anyone following the news cycle since the Covid “vaccines” rolled out has seen a simply remarkable uptick in the number of things that can reportedly cause sudden strokes or heart attacks. Cold weather, hot weather, depression, various food, long covid AND short covid, new magical chemicals just found in the atmosphere, “post-pandemic stress …

EU Raises Climate Target, Continues To Drive Europe Into Energy Poverty

COP27 is a virtue signaling bonanza. EU Technocrats have driven Europe into an energy crisis with their war on traditional energy sources. Instead of saving Europeans from de-industrialization and energy-deprived winters, it has doubled down on global warming by increasing its pledge to reduce carbon emissions even more. ⁃

Climate Negotiations Are In Disarray As UN’s COP27 Enters Second Week

The 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) delegates are tripping over themselves to find ways to destroy civilization by using global warming as an excuse to regulate every aspect of society. The "global good" is your good, they reason. The rub is that consensus is fleeting over exactly what the global good is, and many nations are not interested in going beyond lip service.

The Attack on Nature Is Putting Humanity at Risk

Heloisa Hariadne (Brazil), Com uma gota já se faz oceano pra sede se matar em mergulho (‘A drop of water becomes an ocean to quench a diver’s thirst’), 2021. In the last week of October, João Pedro Stedile, a leader of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) in Brazil and the global peasants’ organisation La Via […]
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