Climate Change

US Funded Research On “Coronavirus Induced Myocarditis”, FDA Authorized New Jab & The Green Police

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Beware the Climate Risks of War Over the Arctic

A recent Senate proposal would needlessly create conditions for conflict with Russia while generating more greenhouse gas emissions. For several years now, the U.S. military has been preparing to expand its presence in the Arctic. On August 3, members of the Senate showed their own interest in a larger military presence in the region with the introduction of the Arctic Commitment Act. Introduced[Read More...]

Bizarre ‘Fact Check’ of World Climate Declaration Claims No Natural Climate Change For Almost 200 Years

The World Climate Declaration that "there is no climate emergency" has been censored on social media after a 'fact check' made the bizarre claim, among others, that there has been no natural climate change for 200 years.
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Climate Change: Endless Words, Where’s the Action?

There is virtually no time left. Many believe we are already too late to do much to arrest climate change and the destruction of the natural world. Even climate scientists are stunned by the pace at which the climatic conditions of planet Earth are being altered, disrupted by the ignorance and deep-rooted selfishness of humanity; […]
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Climate Scientists Call For Civil Disobedience

A group of climate scientists have said: Time is short to secure a livable and sustainable future; yet, inaction from governments, industry and civil society is setting the course for 3.2 °C of warming, with all the cascading and catastrophic consequences that this implies. In this context, when does civil disobedience by scientists become justified. The scientists said: The scientific[Read More...]

Heatwaves Rated ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Could Triple This Century, Warns New Climate Study

As record-breaking high temperatures and historic droughts afflict millions of people around the world, a study published Thursday warned that by the end of the century, dangerous heat driven by the worsening climate emergency will hit much of the Earth at least three times more often than today. The study—conducted by climate researchers at Harvard University and the University of Washington[Read More...]

California Votes To Ban New Gas Vehicles By 2035 In Push For EV-Utopia

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted Thursday on a groundbreaking measure to approve a ban on new vehicle sales with internal combustion engines. It’s a move by the progressive state to combat climate change. By 2035, the state would only allow EVs – electric vehicle sales.  The plan is heralded as a major acceleration […]