Amy Coney Barrett, Liar and Climate Denier, Disqualifies Herself for Any Position Involving Factual Evaluation

 by Thomas NeuburgerIt couldn't be more simple. When Notre Dame Law professor and Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was asked at her Senate hearing about climate change (one of the few times senators questioned her on this subject), she had this to say:“I don’t think I am competent to opine on what causes global warming or not.”Every human on the planet is "competent to opine" on what causes global warming.

Here’s WHY Everything is CRAZY BONKERS!

In this news roundup I give the larger techno context to the seemingly bizarre and unrelated stories being pushed in the media. Cecil? Harambe? Lions with carunka?? Veganism and diet? What about the problems of pollution and the Changing Images of Man, and the First Global R3volution document? I give you the larger context, as well as a free of charge Gill Bates Ted Talk original.

Generating Electricity From the Cold Night Sky

A device that generates electricity from temperature differences, drawing heat from below and radiating it into the night sky (source)by Thomas NeuburgerLarge streams from little fountains flow, Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.— Folk proverbIn the race against time to mitigate the coming climate tsunami, people of this century often turn to