A real moment with Donald Trump and First Responders [Video]

A bit of positivity to start off the month of September. While visiting the areas devastated by Hurricane Laura last week, President Trump spent some time with first responders from Lake Charles. His interaction with the men was Trump as he has always been. Not one to act “presidential” but rather, being the everyman who happens to be elected president of this nation is a great sign that he is truly with the American people as one of us.
… not as some elite hidden in a basement somewhere.
See for yourself.


Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago demonstrates unapologetic elitism [Video]

Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, has made a lot of news in recent months. Cursing out her councilman (who is also a very liberal Democrat) who wanted to protect his constituents in his own neighborhood, reviling President Trump and driving business out of her own city’s center, with Macys and Bloomingdales both closing their stores on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, the mayor has demonstrated the same absolutely insane reasoning process being duplicated in Seatlle, Portland, New York City and all other Democrat-controlled states and cities in the country.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Myopic and Intellectual Incoherence of the Alt-Left

Myopic modern day liberalism never scared the imperialists. And why should it? The corporate state and statism are the enemies. The infantilized alt-left with its preoccupation with social issues of no consequence like multiculturalism and diversity and transgender bathrooms subverted the argument. It’s not politics. It challenges nothing of consequence. Not neoliberalism, imperialism, globalism, nada. They are the party of not-Trump. They’re defined in the inverse. Corporatocracy, the military and prison industrial complexes remain sacrosanct, inviolate and unchallenged.