America: A record of Economic Failure for the Past 25 Years

Eric Zuesse (blogs at Here are the economic records of growth over the past 25 years, in Gross Domestic Product calculated at Purchasing-Power Parity (GDP PPP), for 7 regions of the world. In each of the seven regions, the information-source is the Trading Ecnomics Website. Each country or region is identified in the URL […]

No New “Epidemic” in China

This week’s News on China. Sources: • Spike in respiratory illnesses “China Tells WHO Known Germs Are Causing Surge in Child Pneumonia” “Upsurge of respiratory illnesses among children-Northern China” • Taiwan opposition parties run on separate tickets “Taiwan opposition parties register separate bids for presidential race in a boost for DPP and a worry for […]
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Traveling to Prove China Is Not Our Enemy

“China Is Not Our Enemy” was the theme of a ten-day visit to China in early November. The visit was designed to find and highlight a path to common prosperity and a shared future between China, the United States, and the rest of the world. Visiting China made me believe peace is possible. 1. Taiwan […]
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Three Presidents Who Made Thanksgiving a National Holiday And What They Were Thankful For

Three U.S. presidents were instrumental in establishing Thanksgiving as a regular national event. On October 3, 1789, George Washington declared the first federal Thanksgiving holiday. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln made it an annual federal holiday. And in 1941, Franklin Roosevelt signed a bill setting the date at the fourth Thursday of every November. All three presidents […]

Biden’s America is now losing three wars simultaneously.

Eric Zuesse (blogs at Because of Joe Biden’s career-long consistent neoconservatism — he never met a U.S. invasion or coup that he didn’t didn’t like and didn’t assist to happen — he is losing all three of America’s current wars, and each one of them (each of which he inherited from the prior Administrations, […]

Interview 1850 - Some Good Things Happened Today - #NewWorldNextWeek

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This week on the New World Next Week: Xi meets Biden at the Dynasty house as San Fran gets cleaned out; the EU unveils its new digital ID; and some good things happened this week, too!
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NATO-Sponsored Global Poll Finds Chinese the Most Saying Their Government Had the Right Policy on Covid-19

Eric Zuesse (blogs at The NATO-sponsored 2023 “Alliance of Democracies” polls in 53 countries found that the country that in 2022 had the highest percentage marking “Disagree” with “their country has limited freedoms too much during COVID” was China. The country where the “Agree” percentage on that was the highest was India. The question […]

American Propaganda Against China, Versus The Reality

Eric Zuesse (blogs at The U.S. regime (including its ‘news’-media, think tanks, and other propaganda organs) is taking advantage of wars and global stresses that it had actually led in producing throughout the world, in order to focus on their harmful effects specifically upon China, as-if these were China-specific problems, instead of as reflecting […]