Chagos Islands

Foreign Office maintains deafening silence on Chagos Islands despite UN ruling

Press TV – February 2, 2021 Five days after a legal body of the United Nations dismissed British claims of sovereignty over the Chagos Islands, the Foreign Office continues to avoid meaningful engagement the issue. The United Nation’s International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ruled on January 28 that Mauritius has sole sovereignty […]

Mauritian PM calls out UK & US duplicity, revives colonial row over evicted Chagos islanders

RT | October 19, 2020 Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has slammed the UK and US for their mistreatment of the Chagossian people, evicted from their homeland by the British in the 1960s and 1970s so that the US could use it as a military base. Speaking on Sunday in the Mauritian capital of Port […]

Paradise Islands and Britain’s Human Rights Hypocrisy

As the Middle East lurches to deeper chaos, thanks to Washington’s drone-strike assassination in Iraq of Iranian and Iraqi citizens, and the world braces for reprisals, the light has shifted from the countless millions of other people deserving attention and compassion. Human rights continue to be abused in many regions in spite of efforts by the UN and private organisations to persuade various governments that their conduct is shameful.
Which brings us to the government of Britain.

UK accused of “crimes against humanity” for not allowing people to return to Chagos islands

MercoPress | December 28, 2019 The UK has been accused of committing “crimes against humanity” for refusing to allow people to return to their former homes on the Chagos Islands, despite a ruling earlier this year by the United Nation’s highest court. Describing Britain’s behavior as stubborn and shameful, the prime minister of Mauritius, Pravind […]

UK Blasted as ‘Illegal Colonial Occupier’ After Skipping UN Deadline Over Chagos Islands

Sputnik – November 22, 2019 Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has branded Britain an illegal colonial occupier after the country failed to meet a UN deadline to hand over an overseas territory to Mauritius, a former British colony in the Indian Ocean, BBC reported. The country claims it was forced to trade the Chagos Islands […]

MintCast Episode 4: The Real Motivation behind Russiagate, the Global War on Journalism and the Hidden Face of American Empire

MintCast hosts Alan MacLeod and Whitney Webb discuss the latest current events including how U.S. political reactions to Trump’s Iran policy reveal the true motivations behind the Russiagate scandal and how big tech firms are teaming up with government players to suppress and intimidate journalists around the world.

Fighting for Colonial Footprints: a Very British Thing

Great Britain is determined to never see the sun set on the remnants of the old British empire. However, the United Nations General Assembly recently delivered a stinging rebuke to Britain over its continued occupation of the Chagos Islands, which it cleaved from its colony of Mauritius in 1965 in order for the United States to build a major military base on the island of Diego Garcia. The General Assembly voted 116 to 6, with 56 abstentions, against Britain’s continued control of the Chagos Islands.