Central Asia

The US Strengthens Its Presence in Mongolia

In recent years, Mongolia has received increasing attention in a comprehensive and multifaceted US strategy aimed at dominating the Eurasian continent. To a certain extent, this is due to the colossal amounts of natural resources and economic opportunities the country has, which are of undoubted interest for American industrial and business circles.  However, this is […]

Why is the US Involving Turkey in Afghanistan?

With Turkey’s direct involvement in the Afghan peace process increasing in an unprecedented way, the latter is likely to be swamped by an era of sharp geo-political tussle in the months and years to come. Given that Turkey has historically good relations with Afghanistan, the Pentagon and the CIA, with both of them being ardent […]

What is the UK’s “Grey Eminence”, Charles Garrett, Doing in Kyrgyzstan?

It has long been noticed that the candidates appointed as US and UK diplomatic ambassadors all have impressive experience of military or intelligence service, which in a way shows that the tasks these countries assign to their foreign representative offices are rather of military and strategic nature, than simply a diplomatic mission. The increasing presence […]

Washington’s Dilemma in Afghanistan

The Afghan government gladly welcomed a call to cease military operations and to strive towards peace in Afghanistan at the recent talks in Russia.  At the March 19 conference in Moscow, participants in the intra-Afghan negotiations were urged to remain committed to the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 2513 “aimed at securing a durable […]

The International Community becomes Involved in a Peaceful Settlement in Afghanistan

Against the backdrop of the obvious failure of US policy for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Afghanistan, other countries across the international community have decided to take the lead in helping secure peace in this long-suffering country. The hopeless stalemate of almost twenty years of Washington’s policy in Afghanistan, and the lack of […]

What Will US Policy in Central Asia be Under Joseph Biden?

Taking into account their geopolitical alignment, the US has devoted particular attention continuously to the five republics in Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan – since the fall of the USSR, above all else due to Washington’s aspirations to devastate the continental space that forms a natural bridge that connects China and […]

Afghan-Iranian Oil Fire: The Match That Sets “Too Many” Things Ablaze!

The oil fire which devastated the Afghanistan- Iran border crossing at Islam Qala on February 14th was widely reported. Like something out of a Chuck Norris film, hundreds of tankers carrying oil, gas and other items were set ablaze, causing millions of dollars of damage on the spot and millions more in longer term economic […]

The New Biden Administration Intent on Repeating US Mistakes

When Joe Biden was elected United States president in November 2020, he promised a different approach to the foreign affairs policies pursued by his predecessor Donald Trump. Those promises were generally welcomed, although seasoned political watchers urged caution. The new President had a long history of involvement of the United States in foreign wars, and […]

The Public Fiasco of US Military Landing in Ashkhabad

Central Asia occupies a very important place in US foreign policy, primarily because of its geographical location next to the largest states of Eurasia — Russia and China, which Washington has already officially begun to call its main strategic adversaries. In recent years, the attractiveness of Central Asia for the global agenda has also been […]