A Handful of Georgians Protest OVER Resumption of “Direct Flights from Russia”

May 19, Tbilisi, Georgia – It is only starting now that the wheels are down and the first plane from Russia full of passengers landed with the possibility of better and ever-improving relations between Georgia and the Russian Federation. The first step after many years started with visa-free travel and direct flights. However, as an […]

Is the Kosovo Case a “Unique”? A Comparison Between the Balkan and Transcaucasian Separatism (1)

After February 2008 when Kosovo Albanian-dominated parliament proclaimed Kosovo independence (without organizing a referendum) with obvious US diplomatic support (unilateral recognition) with the explanation that the Kosovo case is unique in the World (i.e., it will be not repeated) one can ask the question: is the problem of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo really unique and surely unrepeatable in some other parts of the world as US administration was trying to convince the rest of the international community?

US Threatens Georgia with Sanction: “The Beacon of Democracy” over direct flights and visa free travel

Very seldom is something that can be so beneficial for one country attracted the wrath of so many others, as in the reaction to Russia affording Georgia visa-free status and direct flights, after so many years of travel and visa restrictions, recriminations, and name-calling. The US and the Georgian president also want to stop flights […]

Poor Georgia–What a Pity: No EU for You, NATO “On-hold too!”

So, the EU does not want Georgia now that it refuses to die for Ukraine or open a second front against Russia. It does not want to “Cut off its nose to spite its face”. Georgia’s EU candidacy status has been a carrot dangling from a stick in front of a donkey for many years, […]
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Why is Washington replacing Georgia’s overseer Kelly Degnan?

In the rapidly changing situation around Russia’s successful special operation to denazify the criminal Ukrainian regime, the Biden administration decided to urgently replace its “overseer” in Ukraine – Ambassador Kelly Degnan. After all, against the background of the outright failure of the Russophobic adventure of the White House using the revival of neo-Nazism in opposition […]

Reality and Reflux: Tug of War—Georgia, Ukraine and Russia

Lots of things are going on now in the nexus between Georgia and Ukraine. Different camps are being organised, as if sides are lining up for a tug-of-war over Georgia having friendly relations with both Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The US government and some opposition parties don’t want Georgia and Russia to resume flights, […]

In Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), the Answer is Self-Determination Not Subjugation

Image credit: Hrayr Badalyan Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), a self-governing enclave in the South Caucasus, remains under total blockade by Azerbaijan. Over 120,000 Armenians—including 30,000 children—are on the brink of an unspeakable humanitarian catastrophe as food runs scarce, medicine cabinets fall bare, and children now suffer malnutrition. A single mountain road connects Artsakh to Armenia; it is […]

Georgia’s Involvement in Foreign Wars and Conflicts Comes Home to Roost

Mass shootings are mostly a Western thing, and most commonly American, where with distressing frequency a new shooter brings about carnage and raises calls to ban assault weapons. But the same is now happening in places such as Georgia, which is paying the price for trying to improve its lot by being uncritical US ally, […]

Georgia-Ukraine-Russia: “Rome vs. Orthodoxy?”

You would imagine the Russia-Ukraine conflict to be a political dispute. News coverage focuses on the political claims of both sides, and the military operations and economic and political sanctions resulting from these. But it is becoming ever more obvious that this is actually the Forth Crusade reborn. Under the radar, efforts are being made […]