Obama “sophisticated” B’day okay, but Sturgis people are knuckledraggers [Video]

No doubt you have heard something at least about former President Barack Obama throwing a big bash for his own 60th birthday. The guest list was advertised last week as being about 700 of the “president’s friends” and then after the optics of this announcement were an utter PR fail, the “new” guest list was […]

The Other GOP Election Scandal That May Lead To A Special Election-- FL-15

Florida's 15th congressional district-- the heart of Florida-- connects the Tampa Metro to the Orlando Metro, hitting the suburbs of both while being primarily agricultural. The two biggest population centers are Lakeland and Brandon... and neither is all that big.The district is marginally red-- with an R+6 PVI. Obama lost both times he ran and Trump beat Hillary by 10 points-- 53.1% to 43.1%. It used to be Adm Putnam's district but Dennis Ross won it when Putnam went on to be state Agriculture Commissioner.