Toronto Police Arrest Palestine Activists, Should Target Heather Reisman

Aggressive pre-dawn police raids on homes and charging individuals with hate crimes for posting social justice messages is legal overreach at best and “thought crimes” reflecting creeping fascism at worst. Truth is Heather Reisman, not those putting up posters, is the one who should have been charged with breaking Canadian law. Between 4:30 and 6 […]

For Crazed Pro-Israel Crowd even Trudeau is an Antisemite

“Justin Trudeau is and always has been an antisemite”, according to Canada’s former ambassador to Israel. While Vivian Bercovici has staked out an extreme position, other commentators have expressed some variation of this perspective since the PM expressed opposition to killing of babies. In a statement in which he repeatedly condemned Hamas and failed to […]

Government of Canada’s Values on Display

"Canada unequivocally condemns Hamas’ attack against Israel – and we stand united with the Israeli people. That was the message I shared with Ottawa’s Jewish community and everyone at yesterday’s solidarity gathering." -- Canada PM Justin Trudeau, 10 October 2023

"No. You endorsed [Israel's] violence against Palestinians in Gaza. You attended a pro-war rally to call for more killing of Palestinians who’ve repeatedly been subject to [Israel's] “mowing the lawn” over the past 15 years. Shameful." -- Canadian writer Yves Engler in response, 10 October 2023

New “Antisemitism” Envoy’s Record of Anti-Palestinian Bigotry

Who is Canada’s new antisemitism envoy? At a big apartheid lobby convention in Ottawa last week Justin Trudeau’s government announced its new Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism. Deborah Lyons will replace Irwin Cotler in a position the Liberals created three years ago. Cotler used the platform and public funds allocated to the […]

Code Pink Co-Founder Accuses The New York Times of Spreading a “Packet of Lies” at Webinar Hosted by CovertAction Magazine

Jodie Evans Said That Peace Group Has Not Accepted Any Money From China or Any Other Foreign Government At a webinar on “The New McCarthyism” hosted by CovertAction Magazine in collaboration with The Canada Files on October 9, Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans accused 11 New York Times journalists of spreading a “packet of lies” […]

Yes, There is an Israel Lobby, as any Decent Journalist Knows

Is the idea of a “highly organized Israel lobby” antisemitic? An apartheid-promoting Globe and Mail columnist claims as much. In attacking the Canadian Union of Public Employees for standing in solidarity with Palestinians Robyn Urback tweeted, “Points for alleging a Jewish conspiracy, but if CUPE really wanted to go full antisemitic trope, they should have mentioned […]

En honorant un vétéran nazi, le Parlement canadien a remis au jour une histoire troublante

Le vendredi 22 septembre, un parlement canadien plein à craquer a rendu hommage à un nazi. Source : Jacobin, Taylor C. Noakes Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises Il était inévitable qu’une telle chose se produise dans un pays où le problème des criminels de guerre nazis présumés, autorisés à s’installer dans le pays […]