We Are in Collective Alexithymia

No words for emotions — alexithymia New psychology research shows maltreatment in childhood is linked to alexithymia in adulthood. Its etymology comes from Ancient Greek. The word is formed by combining the alpha privative prefix ἀ- (a-, meaning ‘not’) with λέξις (léxis, referring to ‘words’) and θῡμός (thȳmós, denoting ‘disposition,’ ‘feeling,’ or ‘rage’). The term can […]

U.S. Government Hopes Netanyahu Will Broker Ukraine War’s Settlement

Eric Zuesse In an interview by Aaron David Miller of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, speaking with Victoria Nuland, the head of America’s policies for Ukraine and against Vladimir Putin (whom she said the U.S. aims to be overthrown by a revolution in Russia), Nuland concurred with her interviewer, that the Prime Minister of […]

Biggest FBI Spy Scandal of the Year

Libertarian Institute, May 25, 2023 EXPOSED: Biggest FBI Spy Scandal of the Year by Jim Bovard A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion released last week revealed that the FBI violated the constitutional rights of 278,000 Americans in 2020 and 2021 with warrantless searches of their email and other electronic data. For each American that the […]
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The 2002 Bush Doctrine and the Pandora Box of the Preemptive War

The Bush Doctrine assumed that America must spread democracy all over the world (however, if democracy exists in the US is not clear!). The Bush Doctrine potentially predicts that, once democratic institutions exist in some country (for example in Iraq), democracy as a political system is going to be spread over to all neighboring states in the region, and subsequently all these countries would adopt democratic peaceful policies in international relations (nevertheless, why the US as “democratic” state is not adopting a peaceful policy in international relations is still not clear!).

Biden’s Atrocious Assange Prosecution

Biden’s Atrocious Assange Prosecution by James Bovard April 17, 2023 “A confident government that is unafraid of the truth embraces a free press,” proclaimed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. But he was referring only to the Chinese government crackdown on Hong Kong journalists early last year. Unfortunately, the Biden administration continues rushing to destroy one […]
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Landmarks on the Road to Covid Tyranny

Landmarks on the Road to Covid Tyranny By James Bovard   February 21, 2023   History, Law Many Americans were appalled at the oppressive decrees issued by politicians and government officials during the Covid pandemic. But there were plenty of post-9/11 precedents that paved the way for recent abuses. Authoritarian Covid policies were shocking but […]
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Decorum Propels D.C. Deceit

Mises Institute, February 13, 2023 Decorum Propels D.C. Deceit by James Bovard During Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Joe Biden uncorked a series of howlers that eventually spurred heckling from Republican members of Congress. Pundits raced to condemn the backlash to Biden “You saw real white trash on display,” declared James Carville on […]
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National Archives Demands Obama, Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Gore to Check Personal Records for Classified Docs

by Wendell Husebo, Breitbart: The National Archives demanded the last six administration’s presidents and vice presidents search their personal records for classified information after classified materials were found in the possession of former Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Mike Pence. The list of those requested to scour their personal records includes former President Barack Obama, […]

The Western press has been lying about the war in Ukraine — and more.

Eric Zuesse The norm in Western newsmedia has been to lie, and even to hide the truth, and this fact now is especially clear because what they were reporting about Russia’s ‘losing’ the war is, by now, inconceivable without there having been massive lying by them previously. Furthermore, all of those lies were not real […]