British intelligence

Deep-State Actors in Diamonds are Forever

We’ve analyzed 007 in the past, as well as Howard Hughes in light of Scorcese’s The Aviator, but could there be a connection between the two? What if Ian Fleming was encoding an explosive, real-world conspiracy involving Howard Hughes, JFK, Aristotle Onassis and a legendary kidnapping? Not only is there evidence to suggest this, but the film version of his 1954 novel Diamonds Are Forever subtly suggests much more.

Terror attacks: staged by intelligence agencies

FBI FumblesBy Kurt Nimmo… “...a mountain of evidence, virtually ignored by the corporate media, revealed that the 2005 terror attack in London was a staged event like the Boston attack. The London bombing occurred at the same time a terrorist bombing drill was occurring.

Pt.2:Cristiano Tinazzi: A spook that ties Libya to Syria and arms from Italy via Croatia

First, a brief digression. Another individual who plays a role similar to that of Cristiano Tinazzi  & Marie Colvin is Wisam Tariff, who reappeared in this post US leads world in “humanitarian” assistance to Syria  after first portraying himself as a 'humanitarian activist', 18 months ago. Though he was and is still obviously involved in moving guns and mercs from Libya into Syria via Turkey.  As is Cristiano. As was Marie Colvin.