The Strategic Hour on Rogue News: Origins of the Deep State Explored

In this week’s edition of The Strategic Hour on Rogue News, we talk about the train wreck of the US-China summit in Anchorage, Alaska and the meltdown of US-Russian relations under the hive of technocrats managing team Biden. Is this the actual America operating under an intentional program to burn all diplomatic bridges with the […]

Sergey Lavrov expresses amazement at Trump impeachment farce [Video]

While the United States’ government and religious structures reflect the decay in this increasingly feckless country (amplified by a fake election and a fake President!), Russia and Serbia show the world an alternative: Reality. Christianity. A rejection of secularism and globalism. Dr Steve Turley offers his summary of recent developments, showing that Sergey Lavrov slammed […]

US Foreign Policy Under Joe Biden Does Not Look Promising

All indicators from the Biden Administration, point to a continuation of an aggressive pro-war foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. The initial positions on issues of Foreign Policy set forward by newly appointed Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, seem to point towards a continuation of the wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. In the Read More...