St. Augustine, Calvin, Original Sin & Orthodox Theology (Open Forum Q n A) – Jay Dyer

Many Orthodox and converts are confused over the position of St Augustine and original sin when it comes to Orthodoxy. This video will feature open forum Q n A from twitter space as well. In this video I hope to help clarify some points of departure and nuance that will help to contrast the various […]

City of God – St. Augustine Analysis – Jay Dyer (Half)

After many years of requests, I will lecture through St Augustine’s City of God. I read the City of God when I was 21 and it made a profound impact on my thought. Even though as Orthodox we do not accept all of his ideas, St. Augustine’s City of God is still an invaluable classic […]
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DEBATE!: Energies, Universalism, Protestantism & Justification – Jay Dyer

0:01 Best part 7:26 Introduction 22:00 Universalism, David Bentley hart 1:08:17 Analytic-synthetic distinction, empiricist dogmas 1:22:34 Monarchism vs Democracy 1:32:20 Schism, evangelism, apostolic succession. evidentialism. 1:57:00 Protestantism and the creation of the modern west 2:05:40 Roman Catholic inquirer 2:10:30 Created vs uncreated energies 3:06:50 Rachel Wilson, occult femenism 3:10:50 Orthodox prayer for the departed 3:21:30 […]

Papal Supremacy? An Analysis of Welton’s Two Paths – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Tonight we will examine the classic Orthodox apologetic book Two Paths: Papal Monarchy or Collegiality in its first half as a helpful addendum to our previous two papal / canon law streams. The work stands as a great introduction to the topic, since many are new to church history and the two models of […]
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How Vatican 1 Contradicts the Councils – Jay Dyer

 Tonight we will work through each of the canons of the councils that refutes the Vatican 1 dogma of papal supremacy.  If the papal dogma of Vatican 1 was the perennial view, it should not be contradicted by multiple canons in each council.  As Vatican 1 states: “For “no one can be in doubt, […]
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How Vatican 1 is the Key to Refuting Roman Catholicism – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Since it seems 95% of Roman Catholics have not read the actual documents of Vatican 1 to know precisely what the doctrine of papal infallibility is, we will cover the documents and the relevant encyclicals that expound them today. We will look at how this council is really the fundamental means to refuting papalism, […]

Fr Whiteford & Others Discuss Patristic Faith, Internet Orthodoxy, Technocracy & Gamma-Gatekeepers

 Join us as some of Patristic Faith’s Senior Contributors (Jay Dyer, COTEL, Brother Augustine, the Norwegian Nous, and others) come together to discuss Internet Orthodoxy, Technocracy, its Gamma-Gatekeepers, and the importance of having an apologetic ministry like Patristic Faith. You can find our Patristic Faith website here:     Remember to boost that […]

BUSINESS CHURCH: Mega-Churches, Marc Driscoll, Calvinism & Collapse – Jay Dyer

  Today I will be giving my analysis of the Mega church phenomenon, the origins in positive thinking, the connections of these movements to intelligence fronts and cut outs, the cultish aspect of many of these spin-off religions and CEO pastor-gurus, the schemes and strategies used, as well as an analysis of Calvinism and its […]

Philosophy of History, Geopolitics & Iconography Vs Renaissance Hermeticism: Open Forum Chat / Q n A

T0day we will have open forum Q n A and debate from opponents among Protestant, atheists, Muslims etc., as well as my take on a few issues and topics> The topics ended up being about Daniel and the philosophy of history, esoteric and hermetic elements in the Renaissance and in particular Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, and […]