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21 Century Wire - 2020-01-17 - Original post - cached version

Since Washington’s double assassination of Iranian Quds Force leader, General Qasem Soleimani, and senior Iraqi PMU commander, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, on January 3rd, the White House and its mainstream media adjuncts have run an incessant propaganda campaign to try and demonize the Iranian...

The BRICS Post - 2018-12-11 - Original post - cached version

As leaders from all around the world gathered to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of a war meant to end all wars, the aftermath of the bloody conflict nevertheless continue to resonate in many parts of the globe today.

Author and researcher Hanief Haider traces some of the...

21 Century Wire - 2018-09-20 - Original post - cached version

Al Masdar News reports…

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has sent a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin, expressing his condolences over the recent Russian Il-20 plane crash in Syria, local media reported.

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad wrote in his letter to...

21 Century Wire - 2018-09-07 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

In a new report released on Thursday, President Trump ‘does a 180’ on his previous policy against pursuing regime change in Syria – now agreeing to “a new strategy for an indefinitely extended military, diplomatic and economic effort there, according to senior...

21 Century Wire - 2018-05-31 - Original post - cached version

The following interview was broadcast this week, featuring Syrian President Bashar Assad, which provides a clear insight into the issues current facing Damascus and whether or not a viably resolution is possible following this seven year-long war. 

Syrian President Assad talks with RT...

The BRICS Post - 2018-05-12 - Original post - cached version

On April 7, images showing children being frantically hosed off in what was described as a suspected chemical attack in the district of Douma, Syria were beamed across the world.

The Russians and the Syrians claimed it was staged by a humanitarian organization called the White Helmets....

The BRICS Post - 2018-04-13 - Original post - cached version

Russian FM Serge Lavrov does not want Syria to go the way of Iraq and Libya [PPIO]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has once again pointed to the US debacle in Iraq and Libya as likely fallout if Washington repeats its former foreign policies...

The BRICS Post - 2018-02-25 - Original post - cached version

Although passed unanimously, the UNSC Resolution was not without its usual diatribes between Russia and the US.

The resolution, tabled by Sweden and Kuwait, passed 15-0 after three days of wrangling over wording [Xinhua]

After three days of delays...

The BRICS Post - 2018-02-22 - Original post - cached version

Russia has vetoed several draft resolutions on Syria which it says are unfair and biased, often following “fabricated” evidence [Xinhua]

The United Nations Security Council is expected to vote on a new resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire in...

The BRICS Post - 2018-02-11 - Original post - cached version

Entire cities have been destroyed by seven years of intense warfare in Syria [Xinhua]

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has called the West’s method of democratization by force a mistake and said that change must happen over time.


The BRICS Post - 2017-12-11 - Original post - cached version

Putin, left, last visited Egypt and met with El-Sisi in February 2015 [Xinhua]

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the strategic ties with Egypt during his one day trip to Cairo.

He arrived in Cairo for a scheduled visit and left a few...

The BRICS Post - 2017-11-23 - Original post - cached version

Rouhani, Putin and Erdogan say the end of the war in Syria is at hand [PPIO]

The Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey have concluded a tripartite summit on Syria in Sochi and say there is a real chance for peace now that the Islamic State has been...

The BRICS Post - 2017-11-21 - Original post - cached version

Al Assad meets with Putin in Sochi, Russia on Tuesday November 21, 2017 [PPIO]

Russian President Vladimir Putin will call his American counterpart after Syrian President Bashar Al Assad concludes his trip to the Russian port city of Sochi.


The BRICS Post - 2017-11-19 - Original post - cached version

Russia has vetoes 11 draft resolutions on Syria which it says are unfair and biased, often following “fabricated” evidence [Xinhua]

Russia has for the second time this week vetoed a draft resolution in the Security Council aimed at renewing the...

The BRICS Post - 2017-10-17 - Original post - cached version

The Syrian army said its soldiers have surrounded Islamic State elements in Deir e Zor along the eastern border with Iraq [Xinhua]

The Russian military says that the Islamic State in Syria has been nearly routed even as the Syrian Arab Army...

The BRICS Post - 2017-08-28 - Original post - cached version

The Syrian army is pushing ahead as it begins liberating major parts of rebel-held territory near the Lebanese border [Xinhua]

Syria’s national army declared a ceasefire in the Qalamoun district near the border with Lebanon on Sunday following a...

The BRICS Post - 2017-07-07 - Original post - cached version

Both Putin and Trump wanted to extend their first meeting beyond the 140 minutes, US officials have said on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany [PPIO]

It was meant to last for half an hour but the first face-to-face meaning between...

The BRICS Post - 2017-07-05 - Original post - cached version

Putin will meet with Trump amid heightened tensions over Syria and the US election hacking controversy in the US [Xinhua]

The Kremlin on Tuesday confirmed that a high level meaning between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart...

21 Century Wire - 2017-06-16 - Original post - cached version

US paratrooper on security duty during a mission to train Iraqi forces (Photo: US Department of Defense. Source: Wikicommons)

21st Century Wire says…

In southeastern Syria, the region around al-Tanf has quickly become a focal point for the ongoing conflict in the region. Near...

The BRICS Post - 2017-05-16 - Original post - cached version

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that a number of refugees were killed during the air raid allegedly carried out by US-led coalition forces in a Syrian town near the Iraqi border [Xinhua]

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human...

21 Century Wire - 2017-04-29 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

Trump “changed his rhetoric completely and subjected himself to the terms of the deep American state, or the deep American regime,” Assad said.

“Yes, from a Western perspective, you are now sitting with the devil. This is how they market it in the west...

21 Century Wire - 2017-04-13 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

President Donald J. Trump may know how to cut a business deal with his decades of experience but in the geopolitical arena whilst dealing with the other world superpowers, i.e. China and Russia, he needs a whole different ball game.

“President Xi wants to do...

21 Century Wire - 2017-04-11 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

Congresswoman and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard continues to face down the mainstream propaganda machine with her based and skeptical opinion surrounding the war on Syria, including the recent attacks on Shayrat air base by the United States as a reprisal for the...

21 Century Wire - 2017-04-10 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tells us that the war on Syria can only be solved through a ‘political process’. Wait, didn’t Nikki Haley just say “…getting Assad out is not the only priority, we don’t see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there”.


21 Century Wire - 2017-04-09 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

The ‘Doomsday Clock‘ celebrates its 70th anniversary this year where it rests at two and a half minutes to midnight. ‘Celebrate’ and ‘anniversary’ are most juxtaposing here in this context as one would hope we never ever reach midnight.

We’re 30 seconds...

The BRICS Post - 2017-04-09 - Original post - cached version

On March 30, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson commented during a trip to Turkey, that the long-term status of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad would be “decided by the Syrian people”. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN reiterated his point on the same day: “Our priority is no longer to...

21 Century Wire - 2017-04-08 - Original post - cached version

Stop the Presses News & Commentary

President Trump said on at least three occasions, including in his first official remarks to Congress, that he was not and will never be the “president of the world.”

But when United States naval ships...

21 Century Wire - 2017-04-06 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

It seems like Ghouta in 2013 all over again, no wait; more like 2003 where Colin Powell produced the ‘anthrax vial’. Actually, this most certainly feels like the false Nariyah ‘babies in incubators’ testimony of 1990. 

This week is hearing the ‘war drum’...

21 Century Wire - 2017-03-19 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman recently said that “The next time the Syrians use their air defence systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation.“

Israel has been largely unaffected by the war on Syria yet this...

The BRICS Post - 2016-09-16 - Original post - cached version

Fighting in and around Aleppo has generally subsided giving civilians much needed reprieve, but there have been reports of violations [Xinhua]

Russia has accused US-backed Syrian rebels of failing to hold their end of the bargain in a ceasefire...

21 Century Wire - 2016-09-10 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

A review of all the Top Stories from this week – for your consideration.

GUIDE: Top 10 Western Lies About the Syrian Conflict

Neil Clark | The truth is the West hasn’t been fighting ‘terror’ in Syria but aiding it...

21 Century Wire - 2016-08-21 - Original post - cached version

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ~ George Orwell.

The media furore surrounding the now viral image of wounded Syrian child, Omran Daqneesh, in terrorist-held eastern...

21 Century Wire - 2016-08-13 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

A review of all the Top Stories from this week – for your consideration.

Daily Shooter Academy: Florida Woman Shot Dead by Police During 'Roleplay' Drill

Daily Shooter | A woman is tragically shot dead by a police...

21 Century Wire - 2016-08-10 - Original post - cached version

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

I was privileged to visit Syria as part of the US Peace Council delegation.  We spent six intense days in Syria at the end of July 2016. During this time we met with President Bashar Al Assad, the Grand Mufti Hassoun, many opposition leaders and...

21 Century Wire - 2016-08-06 - Original post - cached version

21st Century Wire says…

A review of all the Top Stories from this week – for your consideration.

SYRIA: The US Peace Council Delegation Meets President Bashar Al Assad and Grand Mufti Hassoun

Vanessa Beeley | Meeting President Bashar Al...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2016-01-19 - Original post - cached version



By Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post

It seems the propaganda machine of the West just won’t quit when it comes to Syria. Whether it is claims that Assad is “butchering his own people” that overwhelmingly support him, “using chemical weapons”...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2016-01-07 - Original post - cached version


Russia’s incisive military intervention in Syria has succeeded in not only stabilizing the Arab state and salvaging it from a terrorist takeover. Russia’s maneuver also exposed the foreign-fueled nature of the conflict – as a criminal covert war of aggression for regime change...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-30 - Original post - cached version
Let’s face it, Turkey is now a mafia state ruled by a criminal regime. It is also a NATO member state. Perhaps now the pernicious illusion of NATO as military alliance defending justice, human rights, and the rule of law can finally be put to rest. While the propagandists will continue...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-27 - Original post - cached version
Colonel Alexander Zhilin, Russian army military expert of the Russian Federation, explains in layman’s terms Russia’s national interests in supporting Assad.


Colonel Alexander Zhilin, Russian army military expert of the Russian Federation, explains in layman’s terms Russia’s national...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-24 - Original post - cached version



A new report by the Pulitzer-winning veteran journalist Seymour Hersh says the Joint Chiefs of Staff has indirectly supported Bashar al-Assad in an effort to help him defeat jihadist groups. Hersh reports the Joint Chiefs sent intelligence via Russia, Germany and Israel on the...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-20 - Original post - cached version

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, right, speaks with a journalist from Dutch television station NPO2 in the Syrian capital of Damascus on December 17, 2015. (Photo by Syria’s official SANA news agency)

Many European officials have sold their values for the petrodollar, and they...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-20 - Original post - cached version

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad (C-L) and his wife Asma al-Assad (C-R) posing for a picture with a Syrian man as they attend a Christmas choral presentation at the Lady of Damascus Catholic Church in the Syrian capital on December 18, 2015. © HO / AFP


By Stephen Gowans


Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-19 - Original post - cached version



The Obama administration is no longer publicly asking for “regime change” in Syria after multiple news reports revealed how NATO and its allies have spent years supporting Islamic jihadists to try and topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.



Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-15 - Original post - cached version
He increases his personal power, but undermines the interests of the Turkish nation and its people.  Erdoğan believes he is the rising regional hegemon, indispensable to the West.  He blackmails the EU for billions of Euros to control the flood of refugees fleeing violence in Syria and...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-14 - Original post - cached version
Since the terrorists have swept the secularists aside, Christian Syrians–long protected by Assad—are now being “disappeared” by the millions.  By the millions!  Of the 1.8 million Christians that lived peacefully under Assad before the Arab Spring, only 400,000 Christians still live in...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-12-09 - Original post - cached version
What’s certain is that, geo-economically, Syria goes way beyond a civil war; it’s a vicious Pipelineistan power play in a dizzying complex chessboard where the Big Prize will represent a major win in the 21st century energy wars


by Pepe Escobar

Syria is...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-11-24 - Original post - cached version
By Tyler Durden

(ZeroHedge) –Last month, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard went on CNN and laid bare Washington’s Syria strategy. 

In a remarkably candid interview with Wolf Blitzer, Gabbard calls Washington’s effort to oust Assad “counterproductive” and “illegal” before taking it a step...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-11-19 - Original post - cached version
The only way to end TERROR is to stop playing with the lives of tens of millions in the Middle East, as America has done for so long, and stop supporting the behaviors of a repressive state which has killed far greater numbers than the madmen of ISIS could dream of doing


Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-10-22 - Original post - cached version

Vladimir Putin: Mr President,

Let me wish you a warm welcome to Moscow. Despite the dramatic situation in your country, you have responded to our request and come here to Russia, and we thank you for this.

We took the decision upon your request to provide...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-10-22 - Original post - cached version
President al-Assad: “Syrian people have been confronting terrorists ‘practically single-handedly’ for years… involvement of the Russian Air Force in the operations against terrorism in Syria has helped in halting the spread of the terrorist organizations”




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