Is the Kosovo Case a “Unique”? A Comparison Between the Balkan and Transcaucasian Separatism (1)

After February 2008 when Kosovo Albanian-dominated parliament proclaimed Kosovo independence (without organizing a referendum) with obvious US diplomatic support (unilateral recognition) with the explanation that the Kosovo case is unique in the World (i.e., it will be not repeated) one can ask the question: is the problem of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo really unique and surely unrepeatable in some other parts of the world as US administration was trying to convince the rest of the international community?

Truth and Lies about the 1995 “Srebrenica Massacre” (2)

The UN had designed the region of Srebrenica to be “safe area” in April 1993, meaning its civilian population had to be ostensibly protected by the presence of a contingent of UN troops – in the case of July 1995, from the Netherlands, the “Dutchbat” or Dutch Battalion, of only 570 lightly armed soldiers under the flag of UNPROFOR.

Truth and Lies about the 1995 “Srebrenica Massacre” (1)

Formally, the US administration of Bill Clinton established the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague, the Netherlands, by a May 1993 resolution of the UN Security Council as a step toward fostering the principle of individual responsibility for war crimes (however, Bill Clinton personally never was charged by the same tribunal for war crimes in ex-Yugoslavia for some reason).

Biden Would Like You to Forget His Enthusiastic Support for Ethnic Cleansing, Mass Murder, Islamic Terrorists and War Criminals

Part III of our exclusive Biden Series on Joe Biden’s foreign policy positions through the years: The Balkans In his 2008 memoir, Promises to Keep, then Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden touted his leadership on the Balkan conflict as one of his two proudest moments in public life. He pushed a reluctant Clinton administration to […]