Pompeo Takes a Page From the Bernard Lewis Playbook on Iran

Bernard Lewis, a British-American historian of the Middle East, has been formidably influential in America – his policy ideas have towered over Presidents, policy-makers and think-tanks, and they still do. Though he died last year, his baleful views still shape America’s thinking about Iran. Mike Pompeo, for example, has written: “I met him only once, but read much of what he wrote.

Global Research News Hour: Patrick Henningsen on Truth and Lies of Syrian Conflict

Patrick Henningsen is a geopolitical analyst and has been to Syria in the last year. On a recent edition of the Global Research News Hour with host Michael Welch, he addresses the actual reasons for U.S. interest in the overthrow and undermining of President Assad.
Patrick also gets into Washington’s ‘Plan B’ for Syria and interprets Turkish operations in Afrin, Israeli involvement near Damascus, and Kurdish activity within the north of Syria within that context. Watch:

Newsbud Exclusive-The Travels of NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg: An Analysis

An exposé on the expansionist agenda of NATO which shows no intention of slowing down!
We travel to people and places important to us. If somebody looked at our travel itineraries over time, it would not be difficult to discover our priorities, our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and fears, the general pattern of how we live our lives and what we think about.

BFP Exclusive- Will the Next U.N. Secretary-General Come From the Balkans?

The Chinese support will be decisive if Türk is to prevail over the intelligence networks backing Bokova
Seventy years ago, the organization of United Nations was officially founded in San Francisco, the city I live in at this time. A few days ago, I went to see the mural commemorating this event in the city's landmark cathedral, Grace Cathedral on California St. Painted by the Bolivian-American artist Antonio Sotomayor, the mural depicts all nations of the world coming together in the spirit of peace and cooperation.[1]

BFP Exclusive- What the New York Times Did Not Tell You About NATO & Montenegro

The New York Times throws its weight behind those whose global code of conduct is nothing else but the expression of the war-mongering slogan "might makes right."
On December 2, 2015, the foreign ministers of NATO member states, including the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, meeting at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, agreed to grant a membership invitation to Montenegro.[1]

Boiler Room Debate: Jay Vs Bernard on Jihad and False Flags

Tonight’s Boiler Room featured Hesher, Spore, Branco Malic, Roman Bernard of Radix Journal and Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East. Inadvertently, Mr. Bernard and I ended up in a relatively heated exchange over the prevalence of false flags and the degree to which the “global Jihad” and so-called War on Terror are organized, provocateured and staged. Mr. Bernard seemed to think it was absurd that I posited false flags, arguing that I knew nothing. Judge for yourself who had the better argument.