Argentine Government to Launch Legal Action Against Ex-President Over IMF Loan

Sputnik – 10.04.2021 Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez issued a decree instructing the country’s special legal body to act as a plaintiff on behalf of the state in a case against his predecessor Mauricio Macri, stemmed from his decision to take a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the amount of $50 billion. “Prosecutors […]

Cristina Fernandez Scores Major Win on Google’s Defamation Case

Vice President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Buenos Aires, March 20, 2021. Photo: Twitter/ @thesunpostnews teleSUR | March 20, 2021 In May 2020, Google defamed the Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner by calling her “Thief of the Argentine Nation” instead of making reference to her position. Argentina’s Supreme Court dismissed the appeal […]

Argentina Denounces Presence of US Submarine

teleSUR | February 13, 2021 The Argentine Foreign Ministry, through an official statement published on its website expressed Friday its “serious concern” about the presence in the South Atlantic of the U.S. nuclear submarine USS Greeneville. “The Argentine government expresses its serious concern over information that emerged from the official Twitter account of the Commander, […]

Respaldado por EEUU, el candidato ‘ecosocialista’ de Ecuador, Yaku Pérez, apoya golpes de estado y ayuda a la derecha

El candidato presidencial ecuatoriano Yaku Pérez ha apoyado golpes en Bolivia, Brasil, Venezuela y Nicaragua. La campaña de su partido Pachakutik, respaldado por Estados Unidos y supuestamente de “izquierda” ambientalista, es promovida por lobistas corporativos de la derecha. Por Benjamín Norton Traducido por Diego Sequera (You can read this article in English here.) QUITO, ECUADOR – La elección presidencial del Ecuador del 7 de febrero concluyó con una sorpresa: el conteo rápido publicado por el Consejo Nacional Electoral del país […]

Reimagining the World: Agroecology vs Post-COVID Plunder

Colin Todhunter Contingent on World Bank aid to be given to poorer countries in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns, agrifood conglomerates will aim to further expand their influence. These firms have been integral to the consolidation of a global food regime that has emerged in recent decades based on chemical- and proprietary-input-dependent agriculture which incurs …

2020 Latin America and the Caribbean in Review: The Pink Tide May Rise Again

The balance between the US drive to dominate Latin America and the Caribbean and its counterpart, the Bolivarian cause of regional independence and integration, tipped portside by year end 2020 with major popular victories, including reversal of the coup in Bolivia and the constitutional referendum in Chile. Central has been the persistence of Venezuela’s Bolivarian […]

Why the Cosmic Kite Never Fell: Football and Diego Maradona

In Argentina, beatification and canonisation can happen to living figures.  Unlike the officialdom of the Catholic Church, the processes take place in accordance with an insurgent popular will.  The death of various public figures – Carlos Gardel for tango; Evita Perón for politics; Diego Maradona for football – merely reassures them the status of popular […]