Aquinas, Aristotle & The Insights of Scholastic Philosophy – Tim Gordon with Jay Dyer

Aristo-Scholastic specialist Tim Gordon joins me to cover the five desiderata and how they solve some of the philosophical issues of their time. We will also comment on the value and high status Aristotle had for certain common saints between Orthodoxy and Rome, like St. Maximos and St. John of Damascus. We will also discuss […]

Transcendental Arguments, Paradigms & The Philosophy of Symbols – Jay & Posh Redneck

Long requested guest Posh Redneck joins me to cover his area of specialty – linguistics, and how the philosophy of language teaches us about paradigms. In fact, there is no better illustration of paradigms than language and the holistic context of meanings and referents. Posh will also delve into his deep take on various symbols […]

Jay Dyer Debate Vs Pastor P – Bible Alone?

The Crucible hosts Jay Dyer as a fill in debater versus Pastor P on a debate on sola scriptura. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50‘ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my […]
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Occult Mind Wipe Movies! The Cell, Dollhouse, Paycheck & Maniac – Jay & Jamie Dyer

Jamie joins me to cover the best mind wipe movies! These films and shows have a direct overlap with MK Ultra and the principle of brainwashing and handler manipulation. We have yet to cover these together on a livestream as we delve into archetypes, the unconscious, patterns and trauma, alters and revelation of the method. […]

Deep Secrets of the Vatican: Modern Papal Geopolitics Part 2 – Jay Dyer

We continue papacy week and the chat about the geopolitical entanglements of the Vatican into the 20th century as it relates to the papal world power into WW2. We note that the papacy support the League of Nations, as well as eventually aligning itself with the Atlanticist power bloc’s designs culminating in the Abrahamic Faith […]

The Geopolitics of the Papacy: From St. Peter to God Emperor – Jay Dyer

Papacy week continues with a crucial, yet not as theologically focused analysis of the history of the papacy as an emerging world power. From humble begins, the See of Rome evolved from persecuted Church of Peter and Paul to a global world power with a debt-based global-finance entwined banking system with Prince-bishops and papal armies. […]

Papalism! Rome’s Innovations – An Introduction to Denny’s Historical & Patristic Analysis

Today papacy week kicks off on my channel as we introduce the classic work by Edward Denny, Papalism, which was a response to Leo XIII’s famous Encyclical Satis Cognitum. Like Vatican 1, SC argues the V1 mindset was always the view of the entire church, even in the earliest days. Denny begins with the New […]

Andrei Tarkovsky: Film as Icon – An Interview With Andrei Tarkovsky Jr

We are honored to present this amazing interview with Andrei Tarkovsky Jr concerning his film about his father, A Cinema Prayer. This kicks off our series analyzing all the Tarkovsky films! Artos Channel is here. Support Fr Vladimir on paypal here: ARTOS4U@GMAIL.COM Documentary is here. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products […]

Great Reset, Russia, Ukraine & Western Geopolitical Strategies – Col Douglas MacGregor / Jay Dyer

“Col. Douglas Macgregor is a decorated combat veteran, the author of five books, a PhD, and a defense and foreign policy consultant. He was commissioned in the Regular Army in 1976 after 1 year at VMI and 4 years at West Point. In 2004, Macgregor retired with the rank of Colonel. In 2020, the President […]