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MintPress - 2019-11-22 - Original post - cached version

The Israeli election process, like a bad soap opera, has been going on for many months now with no end in sight, and precisely like a poorly made soap opera, the squabbling, blaming, threatening, scare tactics and mudslinging have lead to nothing. 


The Boss

Israeli Prime Minister...

Consortium News - 2019-03-12 - Original post - cached version

Washington doesn’t like its Muslims or Arabs to take pride in their heritage or oppose the Israeli occupation, writes As’ad AbuKhalil. By As`ad AbuKhalil Special to Consortium News Washington was not expecting the arrival of Reps. Ilhan Omar or Rashida…

The Anti Media - 2018-07-13 - Original post - cached version

(MEMO) — A new poll published by the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies has revealed that 75 per cent of Arabs see Israel and the United States as the biggest threats to national security. The Arab Opinion Index surveyed over 18,000 individuals in 11 Arab countries, including Saudi...

The Anti Media - 2017-12-12 - Original post - cached version

Religious conservative groups have lobbied for policy relocating US embassy to Jerusalem from biblical standpoint.

(MEE) — God is not a real estate agent, the former bishop of Jerusalem said in response to US evangelical support for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


The Duran - 2017-10-01 - Original post - cached version

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Sami Bedouin - 2017-07-13 - Original post - cached version

Xenophobia is deep rooted in the Talmudic teachings (probably ever since they were enslaved and persecuted in Egypt) and hence in the zionist society now, and their baseless hate is directed particularly against the Palestinian natives and the neighboring Arab-Muslim …

The Duran - 2017-06-19 - Original post - cached version

He Says, She Says

The US shot down a Syrian anti-terrorist jet near Raqqa yesterday, which prompted the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to send in a rescue mission to retrieve the downed pilot. Unfortunately, Al Masdar News (AMN) reported that they encountered intense resistance from the...

MintPress - 2017-05-23 - Original post - cached version

Editorial writer Bret Stephens is known for his anti-climate science, pro-colonialist, xenophobic stances, and most recently for his new home at the New York Times. (Photo: Veni/Flickr CC)

NEW YORK– While having no problem describing President Donald Trump...

MintPress - 2017-05-10 - Original post - cached version

The Israeli West Bank “Barrier”, often called the ‘apartheid wall’, which surrounds much of the territory illegally occupied by Israel, as it passes through Bethlehem Aida refugee camp. (Photo: The Advocacy Project/Flickr)

Israel’s parliament gave...

Dissident Voice - 2017-02-01 - Original post - cached version

From the windows of the grey, cube-shaped building that houses the US embassy in Tel Aviv, staff enjoy an undisturbed view out over the Mediterranean and a beach adorned in the summer with sunbeds and parasols.

Most days the only evidence of activity is outside on the pavement: A queue of...

Sami Bedouin - 2016-07-17 - Original post - cached version

‘Jewish fear,’ as such, is self-inflicted — the more brutal the Israelis are, the more fearful they become of the  possibility that the Palestinians may be equally murderous. Similarly, the more the Jew hates the ‘goy,’ the more the Jew is …

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2016-01-29 - Original post - cached version
One cant understand the Palestinian political structure without referring to the root of the “crisis” in our leadership which is the zionist assassination policy: The zionist project of occupying Palestine started by establishing the main zionist Organization the “JNF” Jewish National Fund in...
Sami Bedouin - 2016-01-22 - Original post - cached version

One cant understand the Palestinian political structure without referring to the root of the “crisis” in our leadership which is the zionist assassination policy: The zionist project …

Brandon Martinez - 2016-01-19 - Original post - cached version

Germany Must Halt All Immigration and Asylum Seekers Now

Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Jan. 18, 2016

The German nation has paid dearly for losing the Second World War. During that horrendous bloodbath, which Hitler was partially but not totally responsible for...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2016-01-02 - Original post - cached version


Bush and Blair, the psychopathic pair, with many thousands sharing the same very dangerous personality trait, then focused on that cradle of civilization, a fine irony.  It was in April 2002 when the blood brothers sealed the fate of Iraq in Crawford, Texas. (5)  As always...
Brandon Martinez - 2015-11-18 - Original post - cached version

Is the ‘Migrant Crisis’ Part of a Zionist Plot Against White Europeans?

By Brandon Martinez

The ‘migrant crisis’ that has blown up in our faces over the past few months has polarized opinions.

Often we are presented with a false dialectical choice of ‘supporting the...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-11-17 - Original post - cached version

Last week a friend of mine was excited to celebrate “The Independence Day of Palestine” in Ramallah as the central and official celebration happens yearly. I felt indifferent and didn’t join the some who even mocked him. At the day of Independence Nov.15th he went early and came late exhausted...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-11-15 - Original post - cached version
“There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us [the jews], and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”   Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira


It is unbelievable to understand...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-11-12 - Original post - cached version

Over the past year I have faced a tremendous pressure from “pro-Palestinian activists” not to write the truth about what is going on here … they wanted me to write of “pace”, “love”, “coexistence” and about the “lovely” zionist occupiers and to draw a shining image for our death, of our blood …...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-11-08 - Original post - cached version
Biting on my teeth I got up laming and I was handcuffed, blinded and dragged silently to the “offices”, the hell! They call them the “offices”. A well-equipped block for interrogation. Whatever they need is there; clubs, ropes, cold water, hot water, chairs, hooks, metal chains,...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-11-08 - Original post - cached version

by Iman Najjar-Annab


Dear on-the-fence-about-the-Occupation, two-state-solution Israeli,

Please stop posting warm fuzzy photos and articles that show moments of kindness between Israelis and “Arabs”. Please, do not post that Belgian postage stamp showing the beginning of a...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-10-29 - Original post - cached version
The Israel lobby may pervade U.S. news media and dominate what it may say, but the real facts about Palestine are increasingly leaking out to Americans. And that is what most scares those who wish Israeli power over Palestinians, which is only possible through U.S. support, to...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-10-26 - Original post - cached version

Haftom Zarhum, a 29-year-old Eritrean migrant, was shot by a security guard and kicked by bystanders [AP]


Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett boasted, “I have killed lots of Arabs (Palestinians) in my life – and there is no problem with that.”……....
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-10-20 - Original post - cached version

File photo shows Israeli security forces storming al-Aqsa Mosque - Courtesy Press TV



The new generations of Palestinians are fed up with the 67 years old Israeli occupation, colonial state violence and ethnic cleansing, settlers’ colonization, apartheid racism...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-10-17 - Original post - cached version
Only one possible option for a peaceful resolution of the Israel/Palestine conflict – ONE TRULY DEMOCRATIC STATE WITH EQUAL RIGHTS OF EVERY KIND FOR ALL.


By Alan Hart

There is one thing above all others that must happen if there is ever to be a...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-10-16 - Original post - cached version

Palestinian youths confront Israeli forces in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on 6 October.Muhannad SaleemActiveStills - Courtesy The Electronic Intifada


Israel, the Media and the Anatomy of a Sick Society This fundamental fact is only very rarely discussed, but it lies at the heart...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-09-30 - Original post - cached version
 Denying justice and blocking elementary civil rights for Palestinians in Lebanon is subverting peace in this region and the “terrorist-takfiri” elements are manipulating this reality to establish bases in Lebanon’s camps. This, as jihadists prepare an “Intifada” advocating “Revolution...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-08-05 - Original post - cached version

Photo: Meir Ettinger arrest (image by Tazpit)

by Celine Hagbard – IMEMC News

As Israeli investigators released their findings that a right-wing Jewish terrorist network is gaining power throughout Israel and illegal West Bank settlements, they detained Meir Ettinger, the grandson...

Brandon Martinez - 2015-07-25 - Original post - cached version

The War on Conspiracy Realists Continues

By Brandon Martinez

Do you believe that governments occasionally conspire to undermine the public good? Do you believe that governments manipulate people through fear to achieve nefarious ends such as war and intervention abroad? Do...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-07-25 - Original post - cached version

Image credit - Non Aligned media

 David Cameron himself inadvertently identified whom some of these wealthy string-pullers are: Jewish Zionists committed to overturning every regime in the Middle East that is not yet subordinated to Tel Aviv.  

By Brandon...

Sami Bedouin - 2015-07-24 - Original post - cached version

Some people believe that love is a sweet enslavement! -“hello!” A sweet female voice came over the phone and I thought of the “sweet enslavement.” -“hello!” and I was about to add “sweet girl” -“Can I talk to Mr Sami?” ‘Wow’ …

Sami Bedouin - 2015-07-21 - Original post - cached version

It is heartbreaking to see the kids of a political prisoners almost starving or living a dismay life. It is killing to see the mother of a martyr peddling or begging in the street. This musnt be allowed, this is …

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-07-18 - Original post - cached version



By Brandon Martinez


Many are hailing the recent nuclear agreement between the P5+1 powers and Iran as “historic” and a political “breakthrough,” the turning of a new leaf of peace and reconciliation between the West and the Islamic Republic.


Brandon Martinez - 2015-07-17 - Original post - cached version

Iran Deal: Ploy for Future Sabotage? 

By Brandon Martinez

Many are hailing the recent nuclear agreement between the P5+1 powers and Iran as “historic” and a political “breakthrough,” the turning of a new leaf of peace and reconciliation between the West and the Islamic...

Brandon Martinez - 2015-07-16 - Original post - cached version

US-Israeli Imperialists Plot Downfall of Syria and Iran

By Brandon Martinez

The United States has been running a particularly reckless and transparent bluff on the world.

‘We must defeat ISIS’ has been the repetitive mantra bellowed from pulpits and podiums by...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-07-11 - Original post - cached version
 Obama’s ascendance to the White House was merely a public relations facelift, serving to make the American-Zionist Empire’s bloodthirsty aims more palatable to a war-weary public.



By Brandon Martinez

The United States has been running a...

Sami Bedouin - 2015-07-10 - Original post - cached version

I saw the flicker, the glimmering haze shooting and then hitting the jeep broken, illuminating a strong beam that lit the hill opposite. It was a few minutes after the sunset, almost dark at that late summer day. I knew …

Sami Bedouin - 2015-07-01 - Original post - cached version

This story is of a Canadian woman who prefers to stay anonymous:  ………………………………………………..                  My story:  First, let me explain the whole matter from a personal viewpoint simply because my awareness of Palestine and the …

Brandon Martinez - 2015-06-18 - Original post - cached version

Evil Triumphs: The West’s Hand Behind ISIS Confirmed

By Brandon Martinez (Copyright 2015)

For years now judicious analysts have been saying that ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, is a synthetic witches’ brew of malcontents organized, armed and trained by the...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-06-06 - Original post - cached version
The Zionist project is now in full swing and is threatening the safety of the whole Middle Eastern region and thus the safety of the whole world. No country would be spared if this project is not confronted and not halted.



by Dr. Elias Akleh


Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-06-04 - Original post - cached version


by Alan Hart

Still today, 48 years on, there are relatively few people who know the whole truth about how Israel set the stage for war in June 1967 to grab more Arab land. The single most decisive event that made war inevitable happened on Thursday 1 June, four days before Israel...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-06-02 - Original post - cached version

Umm el-Hieran. (Photo: Adalah)

 The Bedouin village of Umm el-Hieran in Israel’s southern Negev desert is running out of time and appeals before it will be razed to the ground and an exclusively Jewish town will be built in its place.



by Allison...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-05-17 - Original post - cached version

Image credit: Aljazeera

The Zionist project; Greater Israel in the Middle East, was established on “uprooting, expulsion and occupation” colonial ideology. This means forceful uprooting, expulsion and transfer of indigenous Palestinians into other Arab states, and importing Jews...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-05-13 - Original post - cached version
Over 700,000 terrified Palestinians stripped of belongings, money, homes, orchards, livestock, land, fleeing massacres by the merciless Jewish militia were forcibly expelled and rendered, for 67 years, stateless refugees packed into 59 ghettos in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the West Bank...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-05-09 - Original post - cached version

Image: Pamela Geller (courtesy The Independent)


by Amer Zahr                                  The Civil Arab



Dear Pam,

I’ve been watching you.  Now, I don’t mean that I’ve been “watching” you in the same way the FBI watches us Arabs and Muslims.  I just...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-04-28 - Original post - cached version

Photo: Courtesy Global Research



Established decades ago to ‘Judaise’ the Galilee, Upper Nazareth fights back as Arabs from surrounding communities try to buy homes


Middle East Eye – 27 April 2015

For nearly 60 years, the...

Sami Bedouin - 2015-04-15 - Original post - cached version

Booom! And I felt the earthquake under my butt. I jumped up like crazy and the sand was sprayed on the food table that was laid between us! Unbelievable! Even right now I don’t know how did that happen; a …

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-03-19 - Original post - cached version
Due to the fact that the appointment of Malley coincided with the crisis in relations between the U.S. and Israel, caused by the recent speech made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the U.S. Congress behind Obama’s back and without his approval, analysts have begun to...
Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-03-09 - Original post - cached version
The Israeli foreign minister has called for the beheading of all Arabs living in the occupied territories, only because of their opposition to the policies of the Tel Aviv regime.


(PRESS TV) - Avigdor Lieberman said on Sunday that all Arabs who reside in...

Intifada (Voice of Palestine) - 2015-03-05 - Original post - cached version
Brandon Martinez traces the roots of the conspiracy back to Israel’s Oded Yinon plan which aims to fracture and balkanize the Middle East. by Brandon Martinez
In my new anthology, The ISIS Conspiracy: How Israel and the West Manipulate Our Minds Through Fear, I tackle...


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