CovertAction Bulletin: Pushback Against Empire

In this special episode, we bring you voices from CovertAction Magazine’s December 1st fundraiser event in New York City. Featuring guests like Eva Bartlett, Ben Norton, Katie Halper, Randy Credico and many more, Pushback Against Empire brought together a wide perspective of voices to celebrate the 44th year of CovertAction and to help us build for the next 44 years.

Government-Funded CBC Smears Me. Interview With Maverick Media: “CBC Fake News: Hit Piece Targets Journalists (Eva Bartlett)”

Rick Walker had me back on his show (listen to our previous conversation about Ukraine’s kill list), this time to discuss CBC’s deceitful, unprofessional, lie-based, smear piece on me. In the interview, I note how disingenuous the entire piece is, from moment of emailing me to request an interview (no thanks, not interested! I know… Read More Government-Funded CBC Smears Me.

Nicaragua’s foreign minister: We’re resisting a ‘pandemic of neo-colonialism’

The Grayzone’s Ben Norton sat down for an interview with Nicaragua’s Foreign Minister Denis Moncada to discuss the country’s decision to leave the OAS, attempts to build an international alliance against US unilateralism, and what an anti-imperialist foreign policy looks like. (Puede leer esta entrevista en español aquí.) Transcript BEN NORTON: This is Ben Norton with The Grayzone. I am in Nicaragua’s Foreign Ministry, and I just sat down for an interview with Foreign Minister Denis Moncada. We talked about […]

Western nations want ‘democracy’ in Syria so badly they close embassies and prevent Syrians from voting in presidential elections

May 19, 2021, *Blog version slightly longer -by Eva K Bartlett This week, Syrians around the world will vote in the 2021 Presidential elections (those in Syria will vote on May 26). That is, if Western nations re-open the embassies they so democratically shut years ago.

Elite UK military unit secretly trained by leftist regime-change advocate Gilbert Achcar and other academics

Government documents show scholar Gilbert Achcar and other pro-regime change academics have given training sessions to UK Ministry of Defense…
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In Letter to Congress, 62 Groups say “No War With Iran”

(CD) – The White House is continuing its march to war with Iran, but resistance is growing—most recently by a group of 62 organizations that issued an open letter to Congress on Tuesday calling for the representative body to exercise its power and stop U.S. aggression. In the letter, the 62 groups call on Congress to “fulfill its constitutional […]