Poltergeist, The Ring, Don’t Worry Darling, Kill List & Dr Phibes – Jay & Jamie

It’s the last night of spoooktober! Some call it HELLoween, in the tradition of 80s hair metal bands. Jamie and I will cover the latest batch of fully grown and ripe for harvest stink bombs and genuine thrillers for your candy obsessed nape’s consumption. This was all to be read in Cryptkeeper Voice. Remember to […]

Augustine, Analogy of Being, Delusion & Fr Romanides Worship in “John the Pilgrim” – Jay Dyer

Today I will be replying to an individual as a test case of mental illness and obsessive subversion which will function as a case study – not only in mental illness and prelest, but also in some of the real issues in the Orthodox world. For years various individuals, when opposed or refuted, become obsessive […]

The Philosophy of Horror: The Cellar, Last Night in Soho, Hole in the Ground & More -Jay Dyer

This stream ended up being entirely about the philosophy of horror, the grotesque, virtue and vices and the realm of hades . We looked at several recent horror films I thought were instructive and illustrative for various reasons and in various ways. I tied this analysis into the notions of a modern, demythologized and disenchanted […]

Jay Dyer Show #1 – New For 2022 – Daily Livestream Show: News, Movies, Books. Philosophy & More

 We are trying a new model this year: a daily satirical livestream show at 7PM CST weeknights, as well as the weekly long-form lectures. Nothing will change for the site, aside from more content, while edgier part 2 content will be available at my site and over at Rokfin. We will also do more […]

The RAND Corporation & Shadow Government – Jason Bermas / Jay Dyer

 Jason Bermas invited me back on to discuss the history, origins and plans of the Rand Corp. to enact a technocracy based on the ‘third way’ geopolitical philosophy.  Commandeered by Neo-cons, the Rand Corp;. was both the mastermind of the Cold War and the “red threat” terr0r campaign, we dive into how Rand and […]
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The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, 1408, Gerald’s Game & The WORST Stephen Kings (Half)

 The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, Christine, Tommyknockers, Sometimes They Come Back….Again – we will be covering a couple really bad Stephen Kings and a few really good Stephen Kings. This will be a fun one as we analyze the dark, esoteric sides of these films and stories, as well as the absurd and the […]

No Time to Die: The Meaning and Death of James Bond (Half)

 Wed night we will cover to the meaning and symbolism of 007: the propaganda, the evolution of the series, the intelligence background with Fleming and others, the symbolism and esoteric elements, including films we have yet to cover like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with Lazenby, and more. The second half will be live […]
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Forget Wars on Covid and Terror: War on Climate Collapse Is the Only War of Necessity for Human Survival

Mythology of humans’ natural impulse for empathy Warfare has been a plague haunting the human species ever since our evolution to become Homo Sapiens, finally, around 300,000 years ago in Africa. Etymologically, homo means human and sapiens means wise or knowledgeable. One can see that in this 18th century anthropocentric characterization of our species, the […]

An extraordinarily balanced look at Afghanistan and Biden [Video]

It seems like more and more people are truly finding their voice when it comes to reporting news. Starting with Rush Limbaugh, the proliferation of “alternative” media news sources was shifted into high gear in 2020 with the clear introduction to out-and-out propaganda dissemination across all the major US news networks. Even though several sources […]