Dr Jordan Peterson’s Psychology of Personality Analysis – The Archetypes – Part 1 – Jay Dyer (Half)

Today we begin our analysis of Dr Peterson’s system of thought as it pertains to the psychology of the human person. We will look at the pros and cons from the metaphysical perspective I see missing in his system as well as other insights and agreements. This is the first half of a lecture which […]

The Mummy, Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow & Legend – Tom Cruise Extravaganza Part 2 – Jay & Jamie

Tom Coom is back with another podcast – 4 sci fi fantasy flicks from Tom that will cook your Goose. Last time we covered the entire Mission Impossible series, and this time we cover the most esoteric TOMfoolery plus a little coomery. Enjoy our breakdown of Mummy and more. Live Monday Night at 830 PM […]

John Varoli: Unrepentant Bully: NATO uses WWII Victory Day to amp up war fervor [Video]

This is a direct reprint from John Varoli’s Substack. Worthwhile reading. While Moscow celebrated the 78th anniversary of Victory over Nazism, a hostile Western bloc again agitated for Russia’s destruction. This will only intensify Russian resistance. NATO ideologues no longer hide their desire to destroy Russia. This week in the British newspaper The Guardian, just […]

Mayotte Crisis: Putrid Leftover of France’s Imperialist and Colonialist Scrooge?

The cycle of empires It is not as if President Macron and his administration needed a new crisis to add to the turmoil of his second term in power. Unlike Mali or Burkina Faso, where French troops were bluntly asked to leave by military juntas, Mayotte is in effect a full-fledged French department. The reminiscence […]

China, Russia and India Versus USA, EU and Japan: Axes Powers of a New Global Cold War?

The birth of a bipolar world order? Since 2014, which marked the first Russian intervention in Ukraine, a new global geopolitical dynamic has amplified under conflicting impulses. The areas of direct, or more often proxy conflicts, have been in many senses contained with some sort of cynical pressure-cooker mechanism. If empires always seek hegemony, sane […]

Poltergeist, The Ring, Don’t Worry Darling, Kill List & Dr Phibes – Jay & Jamie

It’s the last night of spoooktober! Some call it HELLoween, in the tradition of 80s hair metal bands. Jamie and I will cover the latest batch of fully grown and ripe for harvest stink bombs and genuine thrillers for your candy obsessed nape’s consumption. This was all to be read in Cryptkeeper Voice. Remember to […]

Augustine, Analogy of Being, Delusion & Fr Romanides Worship in “John the Pilgrim” – Jay Dyer

Today I will be replying to an individual as a test case of mental illness and obsessive subversion which will function as a case study – not only in mental illness and prelest, but also in some of the real issues in the Orthodox world. For years various individuals, when opposed or refuted, become obsessive […]