The Qimron letter goes global

The open letter by Israeli professor Ehud Qimron has aroused great interest and has already reached over 5 million people in more than 20 languages. Several republications, media reports and professional audio recordings of the letter have since become available – the following small selection may be of interest to some of our readers: Read... Continue Reading →

[German] Ringier: Regierungs-Propaganda

(A Swiss media CEO admitted having run a government propaganda campaign.) In einem geleakten internen Video bestätigt der CEO von Ringier (Blick etc.), dass er alle Ringier-Redaktionen verpflichtete, während der Pandemie “die Regierung durch unsere mediale Berichterstattung zu unterstützen, damit wir alle gut durch die Krise kommen.” Der Ringier-CEO erklärte einleitend, er “wäre froh, wenn... Continue Reading →


SPR wishes its readers an excellent 2022. An overview of our cutting-edge covid analyses published in 2021 can be found here in English and here in German. What critics think of SPR: “A reasonably well-known disinfo source”; “a random anonymous website”; “possibly Sino-Russian covert subversion”; “not a good place to get information”; “a sham site,... Continue Reading →