Debate: Jay Dyer Vs Mike (Urantia) Parts 1 & 2 – James Fox Higgins Show

Part 1 “Episode 33 of Champions of the Light: Jay Dyer joins us to talk about Orthodoxy and we ask some tough questions.” I was invited on and wasn’t sure what to expect and we ended up with a fiesty debate between myself and Mike, a follower of Urantia. In the second discussion things simmered […]
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Isaac & Abraham Explained – Genesis Pt 5 – Jay Dyer (Half)

We move to the next section of Genesis covering the difficult and controversial chapter of the call to sacrifice Isaac.  We will explore the typology, as well as the significance of this passage in terms of the ancient apologetic.  We will also cover the significance of Sodom and Lot in 19. For the full talk, subscribe to JaysAnalysis. LIVE at 7PM CST 


Abraham & Genesis Explained 4 – Jay Dyer (Half)

In our Bible series we move to the next installment – the Abrahamic covenant.  We will see how is the model of the covenant for the inclusion of Gentiles, according to St Paul, as Abraham himself was a Gentile.  Abraham is the famous convert, and for St. Paul is the model of the convert as see he looked forward to the coming Messiah.  The full talks are available for those who subscribe to JaysAnalysis.com. Live at 5 PM CST


Ben Carson, Joseph in Egypt, and the Attack on Rational Thought

Joseph in Egypt: A Myth
I confess: I don’t believe in the biblical story of Joseph. Quite aside from the fanciful notion that Joseph built the pyramids for grain storage (as alleged by Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson), I don’t believe in the Bible character himself–any more than I believe in Prometheus, Rama, or the Yellow Emperor of Chinese mythology.