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MOVIE NIGHT: Cyber Tracker (1994) Watch & Riff Party – Jay Dyer

Since we had so much fun last time watching the awful Terminator rip off ROTOR, why not keep it real with another Terminator rip off staring Don the Dragon Wilson – Cyber Tracker, which fits with our future tech dystopian reality now emerging. Sunday 28th at 8PM EST Remember to boost that T naturally with […]
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Why the Godfather is the Best Film Trilogy: The Dark History Behind the Novel

In this video I introduce the audience to our upcoming novel analysis with Quite Frankly, much the way we broke down the Brave New World chapter by chapter. Frank and I will delve into the geopolitics, the dr*g running and Gladio, the psychology, the power plays, Hollywood connections and more! Sign up for Richard Grove’s […]

HEAVY METAL! The Bizarre 1981 Dystopian Alien Animated Classic DECODED! Bermas & Jay Dyer

Jason and I join forces to decode this 80s classic that was a blast to revisit. I hadn’t seen this since high school, but the film contains a bizarre sequence of vignettes that cover near future dystopias, other worlds and dimensions, ritual magic, aliens and goddesses and more! Remember to boost that T naturally with […]

James Bond in the 90s! Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, World is Not Enough & Die Another Day!

Jamie joins me for a total momcore / mombond analysis of the 90s Bond films – the Brosnan era! WE will cover all four and go deep into the esortica and propaganda – and ridiculousness of one of the funnest eras of the 007 franchise. Thursday at 9PM EST Remember to boost that T naturally […]

Hollywood Is Babylon: Jamie Kennedy Podcast w/ Jay Dyer and Jamie Hanshaw

Jamie Kennedy hosts Jay & Jamie for a chat about Hollywood and Babylon and the symbolism of the film Babylon. Jamie is here. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at Choq.com using promo code ‘JAY50‘ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and […]

“Bankers on the DANCE FLOOR” (FIAT CLAP MIX) – NEW EDM Cringecore Single Dropped! -Jay Dyer

My latest cringe core single to drop is a previously unreleased 1995 club hit in Slovenia when I went under the monicker “Freedumb Williams.” When I left SNAP and subsequently split from LaBouche, I had my own hit single about the CEOs and banking elite. This previously unreleased club mix is now topping the EuroDance […]

Jay Dyer’s Journey: From Red Pill to Hosting with Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson & Twin Peaks Symbolism!

On today’s episode of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt podcast we are joined by a very special guest- Jay Dyer! He’s back to catch up on his projects and we’re gonna get into it!! We’ll talk about what it’s like hanging out with Alex Jones, how he got Tucker Carlson fired […]

Top SCARY Ghost, GLITCH in the MATRIX, CRYPTID & UFO Videos – Jay Dyer

As I said, we would delve into this topic soon and here we are. It is now time. Get ready to get ridiculous with a selection of the best bizarre, unexplained and mysterious clips from the bigger channels that I find interesting. Channels cited include Slapped Ham, Chills, Top5s and Impossible Channel. Live at 3PM […]

The DARK GODDESS Savior Archetype? An Emerging Trend Explained – Jay Dyer

The dark goddess is an emerging archetype we are seeing repeating in film. The teenage girl badass who kicks butt is a mini version of this, but beyond this we are seeing more and more films presenting female saviors who also have a dark vengeance streak. We will investigate a series of films with this […]
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