Seattle police chief slams city ordinance, telling citizens “you are on your own” [Video]

Seatlle police chief Carmen Best has had enough. After two months of CHAZ, CHOP and nightly riots, aided and abetted by a super-liberal Mayor that only cares about using her city’s suffering to make President Trump look like the problem, the Seatlle City Council passed an ordinance forbidding officers to use “less-than-lethal” ordinance to quell extremely violent rioting that has been taking place in the city.
The Chief posted this open letter on Twitter:

The Seattle police chief is sending out letters telling residents: "We cannot enforce the law. You are on your own."
— Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) July 25, 2020

Think about it: If you live in any large town or city in America, the police have always been known for their effectiveness because most of our lives, our towns and cities are fairly peaceful, even idyllic, compared to some places around the world.
But that is no longer true in Seattle, Portland, New York, Chicago and many other places, as governments entirely run by so-called “liberal” Democrats have decided that for some reason, letting people attack not only police forces, but innocent bystanders, shooting children and parents and anyone that happens to be around – and God forbid you speak against Black Lives Matter – well, now, your life and property is subject to attack with no protection. What is more, that protection should be there because it is paid for by taxpayers like yourself.
The police enforce the law, but when city governments make the law so it does not protect everyone, then what is one to do?
In this case, it is very likely that citizens of Seattle will take matters into their own hands. Since the police will not enforce peace and quiet on the streets and since they will not nab and curtail lawbreakers and would-be lawbreakers before they do horrible things, that mantle of responsibility is now passed to the people of Seattle. One can expect that, unless Seattle is completely lost to pot-smoking procrastinators and dopeheads, it will be about four seconds before criminals start dying in droves, because armed citizens have no other choice but to shoot at those who threaten them.
Unfortunately, there will be any number of relatively innocent people shot, injured and killed in this response as well. However, the backlash politically is almost assured – every single person on that city council just lost their job come the next election. They just do not know it yet.
This is, of course, if the population of Seatlle is sober enough to think straight. My bet is that enough of them still are able to do so.
This is the Second American Civil War continuing to take shape, and of late the movement does seem to be that a strong conservative backlash, or at least a backlash along the lines of “look what supporting Black Lives Matter got me?! a destroyed home, destroyed business, injured or dead family members and friends… Over criminals dying because they get shot by police after attacking the police who arrested them??” – Such a backlash is more than fifty percent certain, even in super-liberal Seattle. The Mayor is still reluctant to truly wake up to this, but perhaps when the next attack causes injury to herself or her family, maybe she will realize she has been wrong.
But only, maybe. Something has gone seriously wrong with Americans, where ideological manifestos that have no truth behind them are worth taking property, health and lives of people who usually have no interest in any of these manifestos. Sooner or later, though, the armed backlash of concerned citizens will put a stop to this. Steve Turley weighs in on this issue:

If it doesn’t, call the country gone, for its citizens have then truly sold out and do not care about what their families, their society, their cities and their nation really mean. And that will being a major watershed for the entire USA. What happens after? Who knows?