U.S. wasted billions on cars, buildings in Afghanistan

The U.S. wasted billions of dollars in war-torn Afghanistan on buildings and vehicles that were either abandoned or destroyed, said a report released Monday by a U.S. government watchdog. The agency said it reviewed $7.8 billion spent since 2008 on buildings and vehicles. Only $343.2 million worth of buildings and vehicles “were maintained in good condition,” said the Special Inspector[Read More...]

Rising Tensions Between Algeria And Morocco Since Israel Normalisation

Since Morocco chose to normalise ties with Israel late last year, tensions with neighboring Algeria and the Kingdom of Morocco have not stopped escalating. Many now fear that in one way or another, the war of words may escalate into violence. Back in December, Algerian Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, immediately warned of “foreign manoeuvres” conducted Read More...

Cuba’s contributions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

  ‘They have discovered smart weapons. We have discovered something more important: people think and feel.’                                                                                        [Read More...]
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Coup Leaders, Aung San Suu Kyi Betrayed Democracy in Burma

What is taking place in Burma right now is a military coup. There can be no other description for such an unwarranted action as the dismissal of the government by military decree and the imposition of Min Aung Hlaing, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, as an unelected ruler. However, despite the endless talk about democratization, Burma was, in the years[Read More...]