War Crimes

Failed ICJ Case Against Russia Backfires, Paves Way for Genocide Charges Against Ukraine

An esteemed UN court has issued little-noticed but hugely significant rulings in cases brought by Kiev and its Western sponsors against the Kremlin. The judgments raise grave questions about Kiev’s military campaign in the Donbas, whether it was attempting genocide during its eight-year-long war against the population, and if the West planned to exploit the brutal repression to provoke war with Moscow.

Gaza: A Brutal Demonstration Of “Western Values”

I find Westerners in general, and Europeans in particular, extremely indoctrinated and obsessed with perceptions of their own uniqueness. Many see themselves as chosen people, after going through a one-sided education and after relying on their media outlets, without studying alternative sources. — André Vltchek, Soviet-born US political writer, 1963-2020. On 20 March 2006, on […]

Western Racism laid the Foundations for Israel’s Genocide in Gaza

It should surprise no one that the prize-match fight for the rule of international law has pitted Israel and South Africa against each other at the International Court of Justice at The Hague. The world is split between those who have crafted a self-serving global and regional order that guarantees them impunity whatever their crimes, […]

Israel’s Argument at The Hague: We are Incapable of Genocide

Israel’s relationship with the United Nations, international institutions and international law has at times bristled with suspicion and blatant hostility.  In a famous cabinet meeting in 1955, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion famously knocked back the suggestion that the United Nations 1947 plan for partitioning Palestine had been instrumental in creating the State of Israel.  “No, […]

The West will Stand in the Dock Alongside Israel at the Genocide Court

Israel is urging western states to rally to its side as the International Court of Justice prepares to hear this week South Africa’s case that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. The court is being asked by Pretoria to issue an immediate injunction ordering Israel to halt its military assault on the tiny enclave, to […]

Tall Tales and Murderous Restraint: Blinken on Gaza and Israel

The role of the US State Department regarding Israel’s continued obliteration of Gaza is becoming increasingly clear.  As the actions of the Israeli Defence Forces continue, the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is full of meaningless statements about restraint and control, the protection of civilians, the imperatives of humanitarianism in war.  As the war continues, […]

Criminal Assumptions: The Howard Cabinet and Invading Iraq

When war criminals can daub canvasses in blithe safety, rake in millions of dollars in after dinner speeches and bore governments to death with their shoddy words of wisdom, the world is not so much as it should be, but merely as it is.  Former US President George W. Bush, former British Prime Minister Tony […]
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“Nothing Will Stop Us”

The unstoppable Israeli U.S. armed military juggernaut continues its genocidal destruction of Gaza’s Palestinians. The onslaught includes blocking the provision of “food, water, medicine, electricity and fuel,” openly genocidal orders decreed by Netanyahu and his extreme, blood-thirsty ministers. The stunning atrocities going on day after day is being recorded by U.S. drones over Gaza and […]
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Palestinians’ Superior Right to Self-defence is Ignored, as Usual

The UK’s leaders are tying themselves in knots in their desperate attempt to defend the indefensible. In a debate on Israel and Palestine in Parliament last week, Under-Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs Leo Docherty got up and said: There is no scenario in which Hamas can be allowed to control Gaza […]