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Papal Supremacy? An Analysis of Welton’s Two Paths – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Tonight we will examine the classic Orthodox apologetic book Two Paths: Papal Monarchy or Collegiality in its first half as a helpful addendum to our previous two papal / canon law streams. The work stands as a great introduction to the topic, since many are new to church history and the two models of […]
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How Vatican 1 Contradicts the Councils – Jay Dyer

 Tonight we will work through each of the canons of the councils that refutes the Vatican 1 dogma of papal supremacy.  If the papal dogma of Vatican 1 was the perennial view, it should not be contradicted by multiple canons in each council.  As Vatican 1 states: “For “no one can be in doubt, […]
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How Vatican 1 is the Key to Refuting Roman Catholicism – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Since it seems 95% of Roman Catholics have not read the actual documents of Vatican 1 to know precisely what the doctrine of papal infallibility is, we will cover the documents and the relevant encyclicals that expound them today. We will look at how this council is really the fundamental means to refuting papalism, […]

Atheism Factory: Pope, Preacher & the Circus’ Collapse into the Post-Human + Open Debate & Q n A

 Why is the Western world (and now most of the world), in terms of religions, a giant atheism factory? What are the events and ideologies that led to such a drastic alteration in human living where religion has not died, but been replaced by a new religion of techne? Many factors could be listed, […]

The Vatican, Natural Theology & The Denial of the Trinity – Open Forum Q n A / Debate Part 2

 Part 2 due to stream issues. Today we will have open forum Q n A and debate concerning the Vatican support for the new “Abrahamic Faith Center” based on Francis’ joint statement with the Grand Imam, with the explicit acceptance of humanism. Having become primarily a geopolitical tool / NGO, the Vatican is now […]

Evils of the Vatican: Pope Frank, Heresy, and Globalism with Jay Dyer

 “In this stream I am joined by Jay Dyer to talk about the multitude of heresy and evil coming from Pope Francis and the Vatican. Be it medical passports, partnering in resetting the Global economic structure, Pachamama worship, mass migration, or outright Christian heresy, the Vatican is a key culprit to the tragic ills […]

Debate! Byzantine Catholic Apologist “Benito” Vs Jay Dyer: Councils & The Pope & More

Today we will open up the discord for debate and Q n A for pagans, atheists, Roman Catholics, Muslims, etc. to come and offer their objections. Today a pagan showed up in the first few minutes for discussion and then deeper theological and philosophical issues of Actus Purus & modal collapse, then universals in Thomism. Then […]

Papal Infallibility, Council Dogmas & Protestant Millennialism – Jay Dyer/ Fr Dcn Ananias Q n A

 Tonight we ended up not covering the work by St. Theodore the Studite On the Holy Icons which forms part of the theological basis of the argumentation of the 7th Ecumenical Councils.  Instead we did Q n A that covered Protestant assumptions, ecumenical councils and the canons – are canon laws infallible? – addressing […]