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Guantanamo Bay and the US Global Empire with Former Cold Warrior Todd E. Pierce

Todd E. Pierce served with the 349th Psychological Operations Company and the 205th Infantry Brigade as a senior NCO. In the installment of “The Watchdog," Lowkey speaks to Pierce about the global reach of the US empire and its totalitarian ambitions.
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Madeleine Albright’s funeral buried her legacy of war-making and extraordinary deceit

The word “Iraq” was not uttered once during the three hour funeral of Madeleine Albright, who laid the groundwork for the US invasion of the country and helped set the stage for the current war in Ukraine. This article was originally published at Sam Husseini’s Substack It’s fitting that Joe Biden and Bill and Hillary Clinton should eulogize Madeleine Albright at the mammoth Episcopalian institution calling itself the “National Cathedral”. After all, just last year, Albright eulogized fellow war maker, […]

US lawmakers welcomed notorious Georgian warlord now boasting of war crimes in Ukraine

Top lawmakers in US Congress hosted Mamuka Mamulashvili, an infamous Georgian Legion warlord who has boasted of authorizing field executions of captive Russian soldiers in Ukraine.  Having taken up arms against Russia for a fifth time, Georgian Legion commander Mamuka Mamulashvili has bragged on video about his unit carrying out field executions of captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine.  While Western media pundits howled about images of dead bodies in the city of Bucha, echoing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy’s accusation that […]

‘Gods of War’: How the US weaponized Ukraine against Russia

Since the US-engineered 2013-14 coup in Ukraine, American forces have taught Ukrainians, including neo-Nazi units, how to fight in urban and other civilian areas. Weaponizing Ukraine is part of Washington’s quest for what the Pentagon calls “full spectrum dominance.” “[I]f you can learn all modalities of war, then you can be the god of war,” so said a Ukrainian artillery commander in 2016 while receiving training from the US Army. The unnamed commander was quoted by Lt. Claire Vanderberg, a […]

VIDEO: Congress screws American workers to escalate war on Russia

As gas prices and inflation surge, Max Blumenthal questions members of Congress on the economic toll American workers face from escalating sanctions on Russia, and on their support for escalating the war in Ukraine.
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How US meddling split Sudan, creating an oil republic drowning in poverty and conflict

Following decades of US soft power aid interventions to exploit South Sudan’s energy reserves and counter China’s influence, the republic is trapped in humanitarian crisis. Like most countries, the Republic of South Sudan is a complex nation of shifting alliances and external influences. Recently, President Salva Kiir, who sports a Stetson hat gifted him by George W. Bush, signed a peace agreement with old enemies, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition. Around the same time, the so-called Embassy Troika consisting […]

“Smoking Gun” Analysis Finds US Sanctions Produce “War Time” Economy in Venezuela

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Francisco R. Rodríguez, Executive Director of Oil for Venezuela, about his groundbreaking study exposing the devastating impact of US sanctions on Venezuela’s economy. Francisco Rodríguez shares data which prove sanctions have directly contributed to a major economic contraction in Venezuela, driven mainly by a significant drop in the country’s oil production as a result of the measures. Rodríguez also addresses common arguments made by individuals who seek to obscure the impact US sanctions […]

Did the CIA kill JFK? Oliver Stone on his explosive new film

  Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter Oliver Stone about his new film “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass,” which was recently released on SHOWTIME. Stone explores misconceptions regarding JFK’s legacy and discusses why he believes the US government refuses declassify documents related to the assassination even 58 years since it took place.

Super Imperialism: The economic strategy of American empire with economist Michael Hudson

Economist Michael Hudson discusses the update of his book “Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire” and the financial motivations behind the US new cold war on China and Russia. Economist Michael Hudson has published a new, third edition of his book Super Imperialism that updates his analysis for the 21st century, discussing the new cold war on China and Russia and the ongoing transition from a US dollar-dominated financialized system to a “multipolar de-dollarized economy.” The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal […]

Top Cuban diplomat speaks to The Grayzone about renewed US assault

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Carlos F. de Cossio, the Director General of the United States for Cuba’s Foreign Ministry, about continuing US attempts to overthrow his country’s government. By Anya Parampil   TRANSCRIPT ANYA PARAMPIL: Director General Carlos de Cossio, thank you so much for speaking with me this afternoon. President Miguel Díaz-Canel just gave an address before the UN General Assembly, in which he denounced what he described as US attempts to reinstate a Monroe Doctrine […]