How Israel Uses an AI Genocide Program To Obliterate Gaza

It should already have been evident from the scale of death and destruction inflicted on Gaza over the past eight weeks that Israel was implementing a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against Palestinians in the besieged enclave. Now Israeli whistleblowers have provided details of how these crimes against humanity are being carried out – … Continue reading "How Israel Uses an AI Genocide Program To Obliterate Gaza"

How the US Has Darkened the Nuclear Cloud Over Humanity

This article was originally published by The Nation. Forty years ago, across a dozen pages of The Nation magazine, I was in a debate with the English historian E. P. Thompson about the U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms race, the relative culpability of both governments, and how activists should approach it all. At the time, Cold War hostility was rampant. … Continue reading "How the US Has Darkened the Nuclear Cloud Over Humanity"

It’s Unanimous: Ukrainian Neutrality Could Have Brought Peace

A leading Ukrainian politician said in a November 24 interview that as early as April 2022, Russia was “prepared to end the war if we agreed to…neutrality.” On June 13, 2022, when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia and Ukraine had “reached an agreement in Istanbul” and that the agreement had been initialled by both … Continue reading "It’s Unanimous: Ukrainian Neutrality Could Have Brought Peace"

Maurice Hewlett: Little do the mothers know

==== Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts British writers on peace and war Maurice Hewlett: In the Trenches Maurice Hewlett: O, this war, what a glorious game! Maurice Hewlett: Who prayeth peace? ==== Maurice HewlettHelen Redeemed …in the houses, behind doorsShuttered and barred, the women scrub their floors,Or ply their looms as busily: for […]

Scandal-stained Israeli ‘rescue’ group fuels October 7 fabrications

Founded by a serial rapist known as the “Haredi Jeffrey Epstein,” Israeli ultra-Orthodox rescue group ZAKA is responsible for some of the most obscene post-October 7 atrocity fabrications, from beheaded babies to “mass rape” to a fetus cut from its mother. Secretary of State Tony Blinken and President Joseph Biden have each echoed demonstrably false ZAKA testimonies about Hamas atrocities. Marred by allegations of financial fraud, ZAKA is leveraging October 7 publicity to raise unprecedented sums of cash. Its rival, […]

History of Gaza: On Conquerors, Resurgence, and Rebirth

Those unfamiliar with Gaza and its history are likely to always associate Gaza with destruction, rubble and Israeli genocide. And they can hardly be blamed. On November 3, the UN Development Program and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) announced that 45 percent of Gaza’s housing units have been destroyed or … Continue reading "History of Gaza: On Conquerors, Resurgence, and Rebirth"

Predicting Pestilence in Gaza

Speaking from a hospital ward about 50 meters from where a bomb had just exploded, UNICEF spokesperson James Elder raised his voice over sounds of children screaming. In a video posted on Twitter/X he emphasized that Gaza’s health care system is overwhelmed. Pointing at children packed into the ward of a hospital he said was operating … Continue reading "Predicting Pestilence in Gaza"

N.Y. Post: Government tyranny comes to Main Street, with the feds more powerful than ever

New York Post, December 5, 2023 Government tyranny comes to Main Street, with the feds more powerful than ever by James Bovard Americans today have the “freedom” to be fleeced, censored, wiretapped, injected, disarmed, detained, groped and maybe shot by government agents. Politicians are hell-bent on protecting citizens against everything except Uncle Sam. “We live […]


EXCELLENT 15-MINUTE DISCUSSION BETWEEN TUCKER CARLSON AND MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER (December 5, 2023) “It’s sort of a grotesque display of anti-human power, of elitist power, it’s also a religion—these guys actually think of themselves as saving the planet—but it’s also just a grift…What gives me hope is that I think it’s finally becoming obvious to people … Continue reading →