US and Latin America: Trouble in the Backyard

While the US is expanding into Russia’s sphere of influence, it seems to be having trouble consolidating and controlling its own sphere of influence. There may be trouble in America’s backyard. The Biden administration has been so distracted by expansion and so asleep at diplomacy that the very fundamentals of diplomacy have been neglected in … Continue reading "US and Latin America: Trouble in the Backyard"

For Biden’s Summit of the Americas, Obama’s Handshake With Raúl Castro Shows the Way

On May 16, the Biden administration announced new measures to "increase support for the Cuban people." They included easing travel restrictions and helping Cuban-Americans support and connect with their families. They mark a step forward but a baby step, given that most U.S. sanctions on Cuba remain in place.

No More NATO Expansion

Finland and Sweden have broken with their longstanding traditions of neutrality to seek NATO membership, and the U.S. and most other allies are eager to accept them. Like previous rounds of NATO expansion, this one is proceeding without any serious consideration of the possible costs that come from adding new allies. The last thing that … Continue reading "No More NATO Expansion"

Demagoguery Won’t Stop Moscow’s Aggression: West Should Stop Sacrificing Principles in Ukraine’s Name

Chris Bryant, the British MP who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Russia, appears to be either a fool or knave. He confuses banning Russian tennis players from Wimbledon with defeating Moscow in war. And demagogues anyone who questions punishing people who have done nothing other than be born in Russia.

MP3 Talking Ruby Ridge & FBI Outrages on David Knight Show with Gardner Goldsmith

My old friend Gardner Goldsmith interviewed me this morning – he was guesthosting on the David Knight Show.  Gardner asked me to recap Ruby Ridge and subsequent FBI outrages – such as the FBI-contrived plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.   Gard has written many excellent books – you can see and buy them […]

Willi Heinrich: A people proud of its war dead has learned nothing from war

==== Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts German writers on peace and war Willi Heinrich: “It’s quite enough that I know it” ==== Willi HeinrichThe Crumbling Fortress (Alte Häuser sterben nicht)Translated by Michael Glenny “For the French Verdun is something like a national shrine, but in the wrong sense, it seems to me. Instead […]

“De-Arched”: McDonald’s Plans To Sell Russian Stores

from ZeroHedge: The invasion of Ukraine has led many Western companies to suspend or exit Russia, and the latest to do so is McDonald’s, after three decades of operations. NYTimes reports McDonald’s will sell its Russian book of business to a local buyer. The stores will be “de-arched,” meaning the new buyer will no longer use […]

Political and Social Climate of Mass Alienation of Young Men in America Is Getting People Killed

by Andrew Anglin, The Unz Review: There was a mass shooting that they are going to blame all white people for. CNN: Ten people were killed in a racially motivated mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday by a suspect in tactical gear who was livestreaming the attack, law enforcement officials said during […]

Why Would US Give a War Guarantee – to Finland?

Seeing Russia invade Ukraine, historically neutral Finland has undergone a late conversion and decided to join NATO immediately. Why? Because NATO membership means the world’s strongest power, the United States, under Article 5 of NATO, would go to war against Russia, should it cross Finland’s border. Nervous about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions, Finland wants … Continue reading "Why Would US Give a War Guarantee – to Finland?"