State Department globalists responsible for Ukraine coup – Trump

RT | February 21, 2023 Former US president Donald Trump has blamed “warmongers and ‘America Last’ globalists” at the State Department for pushing Ukraine toward conflict. Trump, who is running for office in 2024, promised to rid Washington of “warmongers, frauds and failures” if elected again. In a campaign video released on Tuesday, Trump warned […]

How Religious Institutions Are Subverted: State, Intelligence & Foundation Funding – Jay Dyer

Today we return to a crucial subject that is even more in focus given the last 3 years’ events, warfar3 in certain regions and the prevalence of institutional capture becoming more and more overt. Institutional capture refers to the covert and overt technique of infiltration, subversion and eventual coopting of existing institutions by rival or […]

Ukraine bans former president’s party

RT | February 21, 2023 The party of former president Viktor Yanukovich, once Ukraine’s largest, was banned on Tuesday by a Kiev court acting on a government request. Ukraine’s security services had accused the Party of Regions of illegally signing a 2010 treaty with Russia and “crimes” against the 2014 US-backed coup that ousted Yanukovich. Ukraine’s […]

Mass demo in Munich against war

Free West Media | February 21, 2023 While Annalena Baerbock and US VP Kamala Harris discussed the further escalation of the war in Ukraine at the Munich Security Conference convened in the Bayerischer Hof, thousands demonstrated peacefully against war on the Königsplatz. Several demonstrations took place in Munich on Saturday on the fringes of the Security […]

Enabling the Warmaking of Empire

It is understood by all that at least two sides are required in a war scenario. One side must be waging war on another side. It is not required that the aggressed side fight back. To surrender to a warmaker, however, means coming under the suzerainty of the warmaker. That is almost always anathema to […]
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Biden posing in Kiev as problems at home pile up

By Drago Bosnic | February 21, 2023 On February 20, United States President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kiev. The unannounced trip comes on the heels of the failed Munich Conference and just days ahead of the first anniversary of Russia’s counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe. Various sources indicate that Moscow is very […]