UK steps up war on whistleblower journalism with new National Security Act

Under a repressive new act, British nationals could face prison for undermining London’s national security line. Intended to destroy WikiLeaks and others exposing war crimes, the law is a direct threat to critical national security journalism. It was the afternoon of May 17 2023 and I had just arrived at London’s Luton Airport. I was on my way to the city of my birth to visit my family. Before landing, the pilot instructed all passengers to have their passports ready […]

Family of 9/11 victim vows to keep fighting for new inquest after UK Attorney General denies them a second time

International Center for 9/11 Justice We at IC911 are profoundly disappointed to report that the UK Attorney General has once again unlawfully denied the Campbell family’s application for a new inquest into the death of Geoff Campbell on 9/11. The following is a statement released today by the family. A PDF is available here. Please donate …

UK’s “Online Safety Act” OFFICIALLY grants MSM permission to publish lies

Welcome to the UK where it’s now official government policy that you CAN’T publish “misinformation”, but The Guardian, the BBC, Disney and Netflix CAN. Yes, it’s true – the recently signed “Online Safety Act” brands the publication of “false information” a criminal offense punishable by up to a year in prison… …unless you’re an MSM …

Mass graves, grave questions: Britain’s secret Srebrenica role

Widely ignored official reports and never-before-seen declassified files suggest shadowy British special forces operatives played a crucial role in one of the 20th century’s most notorious and controversial massacres. In July 2023, few media observers took notice when influential British intelligence operative-turned-lawmaker Alicia Kearns issued a public call for Western boots on the ground in the former Yugoslavia. Addressing a packed session of the House of Commons, Foreign Affairs Committee chair Kearns made the alarming call: “I…urge the Government: let […]