Kosovo War at 25: Blair’s secret invasion plot to ‘topple Milosevic’ revealed

Top secret papers reviewed by The Grayzone reveal Tony Blair demanded strikes on civilian targets in Yugoslavia days before NATO attacked them. While the UK military acknowledged a NATO strike on Hotel Jugoslavia would mean inflicting “some civilian casualties,” it insisted the deaths were “worth the cost.” Declassified British Ministry of Defence (MOD) files reviewed by The Grayzone reveal that officials in London conspired to embroil US troops in a secret plan to occupy Yugoslavia and “topple” President Slobodan Milosevic […]

I was banned from Elon’s ‘free speech’ X app for offending power

Following years of pressure from Israel lobbyists and British spooks, I was finally banned by Twitter/X. What does my removal say about Elon Musk, who flaunts his opposition to censorship, while promising to build an “everything app” where you could lose access to banking and messaging for violating dubious speech codes?  On February 17, I was suspended from Twitter/X without warning. The cause was mass-reporting by Zionist activists I’d offended. My removal was justified on the basis that I violated […]

Nationalists Jailed, Pedophiles Bailed W/ Laura Towler & Our Diseased World W/ Adam Green - FF Ep250

Laura Towler joins Henrik in the first hour to talk about her husband Sam Melia's incarceration for 'racist stickers.' In the second hour Adam Green joins us to talk about health, our sick world, Trump’s re-selection and more.
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Assange’s brother: “Julian could receive the death penalty” if extradited

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal interviews Gabriel Shipton, film producer and brother of Julian Assange, during his latest visit to Washington DC, where he was pushing lawmakers to oppose the Biden administration’s prosecution of the jailed Wikileaks publisher.
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