OCT. 4th FEMA Emergency Alert Test: Plandemic 2.0 Trigger, Super Psyop, Dangerous Black Op, Or All 3

from State Of The Nation: Absolutely Do NOT Participate…… Turn Off ALL Devices…… Unplug ALL Computers….. And Disconnect ALL Information Technology From WiFi—FOR REAL!!! TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/ Submitted by A Veteran Cyber Crackerjack SOTN Exclusive “Who is not aware by now that the U.S. Federal Government is nothing but a global international crime syndicate that terrorizes […]

These Megalomaniac Technocrats Are On Course To Wreck Earth And Outer Space

by Millie Turner, Technocracy News: A video of Elon Musk’s web of Starlink satellites has left onlookers stunned as scientists warn of their little-known risks to the night sky. There are, at most, around 9,000 stars visible to Earth’s view of the sky, and around 5,000 Starlink satellites, as of August. The orange dots represent […]

It’s not just a meme anymore: The LA Times wants you to try out pod living and the pictures are nightmare fuel

by Harris Rigby, Not The Bee: I stumbled upon this headline today and had to doublecheck to make sure this wasn’t the Babylon Bee. This is a real article from the real Los Angeles Times: TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/ Can’t afford California housing? Try living in a tiny sleeping pod. All 4 feet of it […]