The Coming Announcement Of Alien Life Is A Technocratic Psy0p – Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer of hosts the final hour of the hAlex J0n3s Show to break down how an extraterrestrial life psychological operation prepared by think tanks- like the Rand corporation- could be used to manipulate the minds of the masses into following a new world order religious movement.   Remember to boost that T naturally […]

The Government Plan To Microchip The World Revealed!

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The hAlex J0n3s Show to break down the future of humanity according to the technocratic elite pushing their transhuman agenda.   Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50’ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of […]

The RAND Corporation & Shadow Government – Jason Bermas / Jay Dyer

 Jason Bermas invited me back on to discuss the history, origins and plans of the Rand Corp. to enact a technocracy based on the ‘third way’ geopolitical philosophy.  Commandeered by Neo-cons, the Rand Corp;. was both the mastermind of the Cold War and the “red threat” terr0r campaign, we dive into how Rand and […]
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Male Excellence, Escaping Quarantine Camps, Celebrating White People's End - FF Ep149

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Henrik and Lana cover the latest in episode 149 of Flashback Friday.
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Metaverse, Simulation Theory, Virtual Worlds & Other Dimensions? Jay Dyer (Half)

 This evening I will cover the metaphysics of virtual worlds, the rising metaverse and the popular, connected notion of simulation theory as well as their connections to surrealism. How “real” are the elements and entities of the virtual world? Conceptual entities? Are things “real” in different ways? What about the connection to mystical experiences […]

La Femme Nikita, Empty Man & Hardware – Jay Dyer & PsyOP Cinema

 Tonight my friends from PsyOp Cinema join me on my channel to cover a few odd selections I wanted their takes on. Recently I joined them on their podcast linked below to review the odd Jungian surrealist film, Come True. Here we will dive into Besson’s La Femme Nikita, the recent Empty Man, and […]
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