Yemen: End American Complicity

Recall your attention to the response from the US establishment after Russia was found to be using Iranian drones in the war in Ukraine. The extent of the outrage was so intense that the issue was brought to the UN Security Council, and the spokesman for the State Department briefed the press on the American […]
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I Confronted Former CIA Director John Brennan. Here’s Why.

On Wednesday November 9th, the World Affairs Council of Houston held a public conversation with John Brennan, former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The conversation was essentially an hour of friendly dialogue between Brennan and Stephen B. Slick, a member of CIA’s clandestine service for 28 years and later as the Director for Read More...

John Rizzo Was Supposed To Be Constitution’s Last Line of Defense Inside CIA

But instead, he pandered to the CIA’s leadership and to the politicians who put them there. A friend from Covert Action Magazine recently sent me a video of former CIA Acting General Counsel John Rizzo giving an interview upon his retirement from the CIA. The interview is seven years old. But it is as current—and […]

Episode 428 - Torturing the Truth

We all know that torture is bad, but are we really aware of how much of the narrative of the past two decades was constructed on torture testimony? Do we know the CIA contractors who developed the torture program or the steps that the intelligence agencies took to cover up their illegal activities? And, when we connect the dots, are we prepared to face the parallels between the torture regime and the biosecurity regime? If you haven't followed the twists and turns in the torture story since my 2008 podcast on the subject, buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride.

Flashback: Torture is Bad (2008)

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FROM 2008: Extraordinary rendition is a euphemism for a CIA program to kidnap people and fly them to secret prisons around the world for torture. We are being told this is a good thing.
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Presidential Record Racketeering

Libertarian Institute, August 30, 2022 Presidential Record Racketeering by Jim Bovard  Former President Donald Trump is supposedly one of the biggest scoundrels in American history for allegedly retaining documents from his presidency at his Mar-a-Lago home. Trump denies wrongdoing but the Justice Department is targeting him for violating the Espionage Act and other laws. DOJ […]
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Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Tales from the Parents of Tortured Palestinian Children

Faced with HR 2590, - a law intended to protect the lives of Palestinian children - the United States House of Representatives' submission to Israel and Zionism has been both pathetic and enraging.
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Those Angry at Rushdie’s Stabbing have been Missing in Action Over a Far Bigger Threat to our Freedom

Nothing I am about to write should be read as diminishing in any way my sympathy for Salman Rushdie, or my outrage at the appalling attack on him. Those who more than 30 years ago put a fatwa on his head after he wrote the novel The Satanic Verses made this assault possible. They deserve […]