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Batman (1989), Hide & Seek (2005), Movie Mind Control & More #2

 Tonight Jamie joins me to cover 4 films, Batman from Tim Burton, DeNiro’s Hide and Seek on mind control, and the other two on R0kfin (as well as to JaysAnalysis subs tomorrow), Nic Cage The Knowing, and the dark classic, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962). 7PM CST week days. Remember to boost that […]
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Batman, The Saint & Willow! Val Kilmer Triple Feature – Jay Dyer

The Val Triple Feature! Two classics and one stink bomb. We will cover the Lord of the Rings….I mean Willow, the Val Batman, Batman Forever and one of my personal favorites, the ridiculously over the top anti-Russian propaganda film, The Saint, where Val plays the many goofus characters of Simon Templar. LIVE at 7PM EST