Fr Whiteford & Others Discuss Patristic Faith, Internet Orthodoxy, Technocracy & Gamma-Gatekeepers

 Join us as some of Patristic Faith’s Senior Contributors (Jay Dyer, COTEL, Brother Augustine, the Norwegian Nous, and others) come together to discuss Internet Orthodoxy, Technocracy, its Gamma-Gatekeepers, and the importance of having an apologetic ministry like Patristic Faith. You can find our Patristic Faith website here: https://www.patristicfaith.com     Remember to boost that […]

Philosophy of History, Geopolitics & Iconography Vs Renaissance Hermeticism: Open Forum Chat / Q n A

T0day we will have open forum Q n A and debate from opponents among Protestant, atheists, Muslims etc., as well as my take on a few issues and topics> The topics ended up being about Daniel and the philosophy of history, esoteric and hermetic elements in the Renaissance and in particular Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, and […]

DEBATE REVIEW: Trent Horn Vs Jay Dyer on Natural Theology – Fr Dcn, Orthodox Shahada, David

Today we will be reviewing the Trent Horn debate over natural theology. I will try to get to the other half of my note cards I didn’t get to explain as well as showing how the Trinity and the theophanic view of the natural order is precluded in Thomistic natural theology. We will go deeper […]

Debate: Trent Horn Vs. Jay Dyer: Should Christians Accept Natural Theology?

“The purpose of Intellectual Conservatism is to defend the true, good and beautiful things of life that are jeopardized in mainstream academia and society. On this page, you will find artwork, music, satire, academic papers, lectures and my own projects defending the duty of conserving these true, good and beautiful things.” This debate will center […]

Objective Dogma, Refuting Atheists & Orthodox Epistemology

“While most of us are spending time on Netflix.. he is in his books, sharpening his mind… edifying Christians throughout the world.  All for the veneration and glorification of our Triune God on the public stage.” 00:00:00 Introduction 00:05:00 Epistomological mistakes of the empiricists atheists 00:08:50 Bad argumentations and fallacies from atheists 00:17:52 Trancendental argument […]

Open Forum Debate & Q n A: Atheists, Roman Catholics, Protestants & Muslims Welcome!

 Today we will have open forum Q n A and call in for atheists, pagans, Muslims, protestants, Roman Catholics, and more! If you have issues relating to TAG (transcendental argument for God), metaphysics, Trinitarian theology, materialism, ancient hellenism & platonism, and more, call in via our discord! Live at 330 PM CST      […]

Debate! Pagan vs. Orthodox: Logos, Language & Metaphysics – Jay Dyer Vs CB Robertson

 I spent 3 hours reworking the audio so pretend along with the vaporware its 1987 and you are listening to an old cassette tape – nothing I can do about it, wasn’t recorded by me. I am reposting it because it’s still a good debate, and so far one of the better debates we’ve […]
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An Introduction to Theosis – Gospel Simplicity / Jay Dyer

Gospel Simplicity: “Hold up, did someone say we become GOD?? If you’re like me, the first time you heard this, you were a bit concerned. As an evangelical, the concept of theosis can seem more than a bit foreign. In this video with Orthodox apologist Jay Dyer, we talk about what theosis is (and isn’t) […]
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Bahnsen Debate – REVIEW & REACTION! Bahnsen Vs. Tabash – Fr Dcn / Jay Dyer

 Fr Dcn Ananias joins me for another debate review and reaction.  Tonight we will cover a lesser known gem in the annals of debate, the Bahnsen – Tabash debate.  Many have heard the classic Bahnsen / Stein debate, but the Tabash debate is also a telling lesson in how to effectively debate.  We will […]
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