The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, 1408, Gerald’s Game & The WORST Stephen Kings (Half)

 The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, Christine, Tommyknockers, Sometimes They Come Back….Again – we will be covering a couple really bad Stephen Kings and a few really good Stephen Kings. This will be a fun one as we analyze the dark, esoteric sides of these films and stories, as well as the absurd and the […]

Secrets of the Renaissance: The Russian Connection & Symbolic Analysis – Fr Vladimir Kaydanov

 Fr. Vladimir Kaydanov joins me to cover the little known history that connects Byzantium, the Renaissance and Russia in a fascinating providential tale that needs to be told. Fr Vladimir’s focus is geometric analysis of Renaissance works, as well as the historical connection to fascinating planned cities like St. Petersburg, Russia. Fr Vladimir weaves […]

Papal Infallibility, Council Dogmas & Protestant Millennialism – Jay Dyer/ Fr Dcn Ananias Q n A

 Tonight we ended up not covering the work by St. Theodore the Studite On the Holy Icons which forms part of the theological basis of the argumentation of the 7th Ecumenical Councils.  Instead we did Q n A that covered Protestant assumptions, ecumenical councils and the canons – are canon laws infallible? – addressing […]

Organized Crime & Serial Killers – Jay Dyer on OIT

Jay Dyer returns to Our lnteresting Times to discuss his Mafia and organized crime lecture series. We talk about the links connecting the American Mafia to the power elite/shadow government. We also discuss the serial killer phenomenon and the disturbing connections of some of the most notorious serial killers to the U.S. military and political […]
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Chinatown – Did This Movie Have Hidden Warnings About Corruption?

 From the Channel: “Roman Polanski China Town – Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner explore the multiple layers of corruption as depicted in the film Chinatown which are present throughout the strata of our society. As a burgeoning Los Angeles struggles to establish itself as a vital city, the power elite take this as an […]
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Spiritual Warfare & Historical Theology – Jay Dyer on Robyn Riley Rebel Podcast

Popular YouTuber Robyn Riley invited me on her channel to discuss Orthodoxy, how it contrasts with Roman Catholicism, philosophy, the weirdness of Hollywood, and more!  We cover Vatican I as contrasted with the canons of the ancient ecumenical councils, the nature of liturgical worship, the power of the demonic in the world of Roman Catholicism and the geopolitical corruption of the papacy.