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The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, 1408, Gerald’s Game & The WORST Stephen Kings (Half)

 The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, Christine, Tommyknockers, Sometimes They Come Back….Again – we will be covering a couple really bad Stephen Kings and a few really good Stephen Kings. This will be a fun one as we analyze the dark, esoteric sides of these films and stories, as well as the absurd and the […]

Doctor Sleep Vs The Shining! Esoteric Hollywood – Jay Dyer

Tonight we analyze and compare the themes and symbols found in the new sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep. A genuinely creepy follow up, it actually vindicates my analysis of The Shining. We will cover the esoteric and alchemical symbolism found in The Shining, and then the new, dark revelations of Doctor Sleep that ring true with reality. You can follow me on the backups below!


Jay Dyer w/Catherine Austin Fitts: Top 10 Mind Control Movies (Partial)

Catherine Austin Fitts invited me on the Solari Report for a lively conversation covering mind control, movies and the transhumanist agenda.  We chose ten films that stand out as exemplars, and ended up chatting for almost two hours.  The full talk can be obtained by subscribing to her Solari Report below or at at the PayPal link, as well as my book, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film.