Even the Fatherless Become Fathers

These Op-Ed’s I pen in Newport News Times are my reckoning with loads of travel, plethora of spiritual work, and in-the-trenches journalistic forays dredging unimaginable but potent “land.” I muck around with smalltown newspapers, even when the gig pays zero shekels, because I have a thing for smalltown newspapers staying in business. REALLY. So here […]
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Olympics, Sexism and Patriarchy

Bikinis are a mandatory part of female handball players’ dress code. In contrast, male players wear shorts. Similar sexist discrimination prevails almost in all events. Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, a retired professor from the University of Toronto specializing in critiques of the Olympic industry and gender issues in sport, said: “There are sports where the overt sexualization of female bodies is[Read More...]

Do We Also Owe An Internal Apology? A Reflection on Racism, Gender and Stereotyping in Response to Web series ‘Paatal Lok’

A particular scene in Paatal Lok, which is a series in Amazon Prime used a racist and a sexist remark on a Khasi woman calling her a “Nepali whore” (in Hindi). This was followed by uproar and petitions from Nepalies across India demanding to mute that particular line followed by an apology for the same[i]. This recent incident further triggers[Read More...]

Surviving this Pandemic is Hard, For America’s Most Vulnerable, its Nearly Impossible

They talk about it as if they’re doing a garbage, low budget remake of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” but instead of a golden ticket, it’s a $1,200 check. And instead of a magical trip through a fantasy land of candy and orange-faced crooners, it’s a paltry pittance from an orange-faced fascist who held up the delivery in order to ensure brand advertising on each and every check.

Happy Grammys Day Tomorrow

I'm not in the music business any longer. I remember when I told my boss I was leaving, I told him the thing I most wanted to never have to have anything to do with was the Grammys. First of all, I was joyful I would never have to be a prop in their TV show any longer. You can't imagine how boring it is to go to that thing year after year. Sure, once is exciting and twice is ok... but year after year after year? Even I have better ways to spend my time. Worse was serving on one of their selection committees, as I did for a few years.

Bloomberg's Ugly Trump-Like Sexism Makes Him Absolutely Unfit To Be The Democratic Nominee

Bloomberg is running in 3 super-Tuesday states so far: Alabama Arkansas and Tennessee but his campaign always says he hasn't decided if he's running for president or not yet. Sounds crazy to me but... he's also spending $100,000,000 on digital ads in battleground states the way you or I might spent $100.

Republican Ladies, There's A Fella Who Says It's OK For More Of You In Congress-- But Only The Types He Approves

Nice shoes! Can she dance?New York's North Country Republican Elise Stefanik did well in November. Her R+4 district, the biggest in the state, which stretches from just not of the Albany/Schenectady/Sarasota Springs are along the Vermont border and Lake Champlain to Quebec, along the St. Lawrence, past Waterown and into Lake Ontario. In 2016, the district went for Trump 53.9% to 40.0%, after voting for Obama twice.