Virginia Teen Girl Secretly Transitioned in School to Male and Ended Up Trafficked, Homeless and Assaulted

Sage Blair was 14 when she “transitioned” to a male due to influence from her high school that neglected to inform her guardian grandparents. She got rape threats for using the boys' bathroom. She had a psychotic breakdown, ran away, got kidnapped, and was raped and sex trafficked by multiple men.

Cabinet Split Over Trans Law Reform to Protect Schoolchildren

A Cabinet split has emerged on trans policy after it emerged Kemi Badenoch does not believe a law change is required to ban children changing gender in schools while others, including the Attorney General, believe it is.
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Police Video Shows School Board Officials Calling Police on Citizens Who Look “Trumpish”

James O'Keefe was told to stop recording at a school board meeting. He is an advocate for parental rights and he said that he was going to train parents how to covertly record meetings to document the school board's actions. The school board members called the police who scanned license plates of attendees.

Kick Me

Todd Hayen Remember the ugly prank taping a sheet of paper on a nerd’s back (or on the back of some other vulnerable innocent) that said KICK ME? Maybe you are from a generation where teenagers didn’t do such things. I never liked the idea because I was of the type that would get such …

Why are kids to be masked in schools if they don’t get COVID? [Video]

Fox News host Bret Baier conducted a 21 minute long interview with CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. We covered the first half of this interview which included quite a bombshell admission that the virus could potentially mutate to the point where it beats the vaccines. We also heard Dr. Walensky make some other fairly honest […]

Revenge of the Gods: California Educational System Plans to Destroy Christianity in Favor of Aztec Gods that Called for Cannibalism

Marxists want to teach children that they are oppressed by American culture, which is characterized as genocidal, Eurocentric, white supremacist, racist, capitalist (classist), and patriarchal. The idea is to make the kids want to destroy or overthrow the system. They want to restore indigenous culture and beliefs.