Evils of the Vatican: Pope Frank, Heresy, and Globalism with Jay Dyer

 “In this stream I am joined by Jay Dyer to talk about the multitude of heresy and evil coming from Pope Francis and the Vatican. Be it medical passports, partnering in resetting the Global economic structure, Pachamama worship, mass migration, or outright Christian heresy, the Vatican is a key culprit to the tragic ills […]

The Coming Satanic Age is Here

Holy cow! Half a million views in 2 days! Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show to expose the rise of the Satanic Age with the gl0balist Great Reset.   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books in the […]
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Babylon Berlin Breakdown – Symbolism, MK ULTRA, Cults & Transhumanlsm

 In this recent breakdown I cover the amazing revelations in the 3 seasons of the Tom Tykwer/German government production Babylon Berlin set in Weimar Germany. Babylon Berlin is a Neo-noir detective drama that centers around a traumatized WW1 soldier named Gereon who works as an undercover agent and spy as a local detective. The […]

Ted Bundy, Leonard Lake / Charles Ng, Gary Heidnik : Serial Killers, Occult & Mind Control (Half)

 Tonight we cover the next in the series of serial killers: the infamous Ted Bundy, as well as the more revealing cases of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, where we see more of the actual profile.  Contrary to the mainstream narrative, the serial killer “profile” is actually nothing like the official tale, and is […]

Ritual Abuse & Criminal Organizations in Roman Catholicism

While it’s true that every church or religious organization can suffer from corruption and institutional degradation, the prevalence, prominence and astounding cases of abuse and molestation, including Satanic ritual abuse, in the Roman Catholic Church are unparalleled. The attempt to chalk it all up to “liberal media lies” and “fake news” that Roman Catholic apologists […]

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Satanic Altar: Sons of Sam Connection – Part 3 (Half)

 Today we move to part 3 of the serial killers, mind control and occultism series that ties the big names to the power elite, organized crime, cults, government projects and black ops, contract k1llers and even the world of entertainment.  Next in our list is the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer and even a connection between […]

Elijah Schaffer calls out the Democrats for what they are [Video]

This video says everything about our present state of the nation in just a few minutes: This is well worth watching because it shows the mentality of woke whiny liberals such as Representative Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House, and her name calling. She accuses Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene of “assault” on poor little […]