Roger Waters

Roger Waters’ Success Shows You Can Be a Star and Pro-Palestine At the Same Time

Roger Waters’ message is an answer to all those who tell young people that they must be silent; that speaking for justice, particularly regarding Palestine, may obstruct their careers or ruin their lives.
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Roger Waters Added to Ukrainian Hit List

Pink Floyd Star Declared “Enemy of Ukraine” I have written about the Ukrainian hit list known as Mirotvorets, or “Peacekeeper,” twice before. The first time was in an article about internet censorship, and the second time was when a 13-year-old Ukrainian girl, Faina Savenkova, was added to the list for publicly speaking out against Kyiv’s bloody war on Russian-speaking civilians […]

Roger Waters added to Ukrainian govt-sponsored hit list

Russian political analyst Daria Dugina, who was killed in a car bomb explosion in Moscow on Saturday, now appears as “liquidated” on the Ukrainian online hit list. The site was created under the watch of the Minister of Internal Affairs. This article was originally published by Deborah L. Armstrong at Editor’s note: The IP address of Mirotvorets has been traced to a server in Brussels, Belgium.  I have written about the Ukrainian hit list known as Mirotvorets, or “Peacekeeper,” […]

Roger Waters calls for freeing Julian Assange at DOJ rally

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal joined Waters and other speakers in front of the Department of Justice in Washington DC to demand the US drop its charges against the Wikileaks founder. Video and photos by Ford Fischer of News2Share and Consortium News. Max Blumenthal followed Waters by excoriating the mainstream press for betraying Assange and thereby abandoning the cause of press freedom. Blumenthal also highlighted recent FBI misdeeds past and present, framing them as part of the national security state’s undemocratic […]

CovertAction Bulletin – Don’t Let FBI’s Trump Raid Fool You: They’re Still Enemies of the People

On Monday, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago, Florida home, searching for documents that may have been classified and should not have left the White House. The right wing immediately jumped to condemning the raid, with far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene posting “Defund the FBI,” while liberals hailed the bureau as defenders of democracy and justice.