Symbology & Mystagogy: Liturgy in Scripture & Creation – Seraphim Hamilton & Jay Dyer

Seraphim Hamilton returns to cover the principle of liturgy in Scripture, as well as how life itself and even the created order, are liturgical. Liturgy is the rhythm of life and centers around the notion of “times and dates” in Scripture. Symbology and ritual go together to give us the actual patterns and meaning of […]

Is There a Hidden Meaning to Stranger Things?

Jay Dyer of https://jaysanalysis.com guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show to break down the hidden meanings in the Netflix show Stranger Things. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at Choq.com using promo code ‘JAY50 Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase […]

Secrets of the Renaissance: The Russian Connection & Symbolic Analysis – Fr Vladimir Kaydanov

 Fr. Vladimir Kaydanov joins me to cover the little known history that connects Byzantium, the Renaissance and Russia in a fascinating providential tale that needs to be told. Fr Vladimir’s focus is geometric analysis of Renaissance works, as well as the historical connection to fascinating planned cities like St. Petersburg, Russia. Fr Vladimir weaves […]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Top 10 Episodes – Symbolism, Cults & More (Half)

Jamie and I will cover the esoteric themes and motifs in the popular and influential 90s series from Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  In many ways, Buffy kicked off the vampire craze of the 2000s, while the original movie pre-dated Harry Potter and prepared the way for similar franchises.  While appealing to teens, Buffy […]

Ritual Abuse & Criminal Organizations in Roman Catholicism

While it’s true that every church or religious organization can suffer from corruption and institutional degradation, the prevalence, prominence and astounding cases of abuse and molestation, including Satanic ritual abuse, in the Roman Catholic Church are unparalleled. The attempt to chalk it all up to “liberal media lies” and “fake news” that Roman Catholic apologists […]

Rosemary’s Baby & Reality: Trafficking, Mind Control & Cult Rituals – Jay Dyer (Free Half)

 Tonight we will be looking at new connections uncovered in the global spider web of black market operations and PsyOps, how this ties into geopolitics and the way cults are used by higher level power players for multiple, deeper, and darker ends.  This also ties into the infamous horror film, Rosemary’s Baby. The modern […]

Are Serial Killers POSSESSED?

Note: I meant to say Dahmer planned his altar, not that he constructed it. There are overlooked factors in many cases of the famous serial killers which point to satanism, mind control and dark occultic practices. The media and mainstream narratives have ignored or often covered up these patterns that are a key part of […]
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The Mafia: The 5 Families, Vegas & The FBI – Jay Dyer Pt. 2 (Half)

Following up on the mafia and organized crime series, we move in lecture 2 to covering Carlo Gambnino, wartime activities and profits, the rise of Vegas and the casino rackets, the key players in Vegas and the move of the FBI to crack down on the families and their operations.  After Gambino we move to […]
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High Profile Rituals 2 – Jay Dyer & Jamie Hanshaw

 Jamie and I cover the recurring phenomena of high profile ritual events at the Super Bowl, VMAs, Olympics and more.  The endless cookie cutter rollout of pop stars culminates in a cacophony of musical junk food rife with satanic and occultic imagery intent on duping the public with their mystagogical hoodwink. Live at 830 […]
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