Meryl Nass: As COVID Narrative Wanes, Don’t Sing Kumbaya

As mask mandates fall and the world wises up to the lies and damaging effects of COVID and mRNA vaccines, don't think its time to sing Kumbaya and lay down your guard. The global cabal will not let go of its assault on humanity and we can fully expect more pain ahead. Food, Water and economic participation may play key roles in coming months.

Masks 4Neva: How Health Freedom Defense Fund Vanquished Technocrat Mask Tyranny

The courageous actions of one person sparked the total takedown of the illegal mask mandates and the miserable pseudo-science that was used to justify them in the first place. For all of the myriad doctors, medical professionals, business owners and citizens whose lives have been destroyed by illegal policies, their lives will never be the same.

Interview 1722 - James Corbett Explains 5th-Generation Warfare

via Join Vermont Independent publisher Dr. Rob Williams and guest co-host Brandon Zollino for a conversation with researcher and journalist James Corbett about his new article, “Your Guide to 5th Generation Warfare,” available at and The Corbett Report.
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On Palestine’s Everyday Victories: Why Israel is No Longer the Exception 

Can Israel be pressured? Or is Tel Aviv the only exception to the global political order in which every country, big or small, is subjected to pressures and subsequent change in attitude and behavior? Several events, in recent days, bring the question of Israel’s legal and moral accountability to the fore. On February 21, Israel’s […]

Senate To Vote On Bill To End Mask Mandates On Airplanes

Lacking any sound science that face masks do anything to curtail the spread of virus, worldwide mandates to wear them are an egregious attack on Free Speech. It has also been a prime driver in the so-called Mass Formation Psychosis that has paralyzed the world. It's time to demand passage of this legislation to end forced masking on travel.

Resistance Not Futile: History Lesson On How To End Vaccine Mandates

The lessons and force of history are solidly behind the popular resistance to vaccine mandates. Even though many people have died needlessly and people are fed up with the dictatorial urges of megalomaniac and tyrannical leaders, people should take heart that it is possible to throw off tyranny and return to some sense of normalcy.