When People Want Housing in India, They Build It

Communist Party of India (Marxist) protest in Khila Warangal, 10 May 2022. It all started with a survey. In April 2022, members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPI(M), went door to door in the town of Warangal in Telangana state. The party was already aware of challenges in the community but wanted […]
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The World Economic Forum is Getting Nervous

(You can read this post below or listen above — or both!) On August 10, I read an article on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website. It’s called “The solution to online abuse? AI plus human intelligence” and it appears without a byline. The article begins like this: “With 63% of the world’s population online, […]
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Stupid Personified: Collect And Bury CO2 With 1,300 Mile Pipeline

This is a story of citizen resistance to the insanity of burying carbon dioxide, disrupting large swaths of farming operations and seriously harming local growth of plants that require CO2 for photosynthesis. These policies are anti-human and anti-civilization because CO2 is as important as is the oxygen we breath. The pressure for human depopulation rests on this same premise: humans exhale CO2.

‘Anything But A Cashless Society’: UK Consumers Defy Banks’ War On Cash

The more you resist plastic credit cards in favor of cash, you are contributing to the worldwide resistance against total bank control. While cash may be less convenient for some, it stymies global banks, central banks, the Bank for International Settlements and the World Economic Forum. Whenever you pay in cash, tell the receiver why you are doing so and encourage them to do the same.